List of CPHS Theses

Academic year:

PhD Thesis S271E 2017 Sawitree Visanuyothin Effectiveness of Integrated Health Literacy and Self-Management Model for Hypertension Control in Urban Community, Nakhonratchasima Province, Thailand
PhD Thesis V284E 2017 Vanvisa Sresumatchai Effectiveness of Healing Touch Technique among Autistic Patient: A Randomized Control Trial
PhD Thesis A636M 2016 Anusara Sihanat Microscopic and Molecular Authentication of Selected Cassia Species Endemic to Thailand and Evaluation of Aloe-Emodin Contents in Cassia Garrettiana and Cassia Grandis Leaves
PhD Thesis A926M 2016 Aunyachulee Ganogpichayagrai Macroscopic Microscopic Molecular Evaluations Mangiferin Content and Bioactive Potentials of Mangifera Indica Leaves in Thailand
PhD Thesis C512S 2016 Chayanon Chaowuttikul Standardization of Lonicera Japonica Flowering Bud and Contents of Chlorogenic, Rosmarinic and Caffeic Acids in Selected Thai Medicinal Plants
PhD Thesis K98A 2016 Kwanyuen Sripaoraya Association between Arsenic Exposure and Diabetes in Ronpiboon District Nakhon Si Thammarat Thailand: Case Control Research
PhD Thesis P149I 2016 Paitoon Ngammuk An Intervention of Safety Chemical Program to Reduce Occupational Exposure and Improve Health among BMA Vector Control Operators
PhD Thesis S959E 2016 Supang Wattanasoei The Effect of Angklung (Ang-Ka-Lung) Intervention Model for Improving the Quality of Life among Older People in Maung District, Samutprakarn Province, Thailand
PhD Thesis T623M 2016 Tiwaporn Junkhaw Multifaceted healthy coaching program improve HbA1c and quality of life in older adult and elderly with diabetes mellitus type 2 : semi-urban dweller Bangkok Thailand
PhD Thesis S693M 2016 Somdet Katib Macroscopic, microscopic and molecular authentication of selected genera Eurycoma, Erythroxylum and Tinospora endemic to Thailand
PhD Thesis W324P 2016 Watchara Damjuti Pharmacological Activities and Nutritional Compositions of Leptocarpus Disjunctus
PhD Thesis W664E 2016 Wilasinee Bootsri Experiential learning with empowerment strategies and social support in grandmothers to improve exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of the baby's life in adolescent mothers
Thesis A234I 2016 Suman Adhikari Influences on the utilization of antenatal care services among reproductive age group women in mid-western development region of Nepal: a population based study using the Nepal Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) 2014
Thesis A642T 2016 Apisit Kullanit Transportation Barriers on Healthcare Utilization among Elderly Population Living in Mahasarakham Province Thailand
Thesis C454S 2016 Chanathip Laphon Social Stigmatization Affecting Access to Healthcare Services and Service Satisfaction Among Transgender Persons: A Qualitative Study at Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Center - TANGERINE COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER
Thesis K58C 2016 Kirana Dheva-aksorn Customers satisfaction and core competency on service-minded among frontline staff of the department of medical sciences ministry of public health Thailand
Thesis L758K 2016 Khaing Nyan Linn Knowledge, Attitude, Practice Regarding To Malaria and Home Environment Prevention among Population in Palaw Township, Tanintharyi Region, Myanmar
Thesis M817E 2016 Mookrawee Bunyalug Effect of using smartphone before bed on sleep quality among undergraduate student at Chulalonglong University Bangkok Thailand
Thesis N471F 2016 Tesfit Brhane Netsereab Factors Associated With Diarrhea among Children Less Than 5 Years Old in Sudan: A Secondary Analysis of Sudan Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 2014
Thesis N971H 2016 Numpueng Prachyakoon Healthcare Providers’ Knowledge and Perception in the Provision of Palliative Care in Patients with Non-Cancer Life-Limiting Chronic Disease in a Private Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand
Thesis O41K 2016 Stella Ifeoma Okafor Knowledge Belief and Practice of Menstrual Hygiene Management among In-School Adolescents in Katsina State Nigeria
Thesis R185L 2016 Deepshikha Rajya Laxmi Rana Lung Cancer in Relation to Smoking Including Relighting Cigarette Butts: Kathmandu Valley Nepal “An Unmatched Case Control Study”
Thesis S252A 2016 Sasiwimol Wannalai Assessment of Knowledge and Perception of Adverse Health Effects Associated With Self Prevention from Air Pollution in Traffic Policemen Bangkok Thailand
Thesis S619P 2016 Siriprapa Chansuwan Pharmacognostic Specification and Lupinifolin Content of Derris reticulata Stem Wood
Thesis S619S 2016 Sirilak Muanprasong Sleep quality and migraine among undergraduate students in Chulalongkorn University
Thesis S954F 2016 Fahmida Sultana Factors Associated with the Functional Drink Consumption of BangkokResidents, Thailand
Thesis S968D 2016 Maho Suzuki The differences of characteristics between smokers and non-smokers among TB patients in a socio-economically underprivileged area in the Philippines
Thesis T444P 2016 Thipsiri Prungsin Prevalence and Quality of Life with Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) among the working women in reproductive age group
Thesis W249F 2016 Wannakorn Homsuwan Factors Associated With Intention to Leave Of Nurses in Rajavithi Hospital Bangkok Thailand
Thesis Z22K 2016 Khairunnisa Zakaria Knowledge Attitude and Practice of Psychological First Aid among Health Professionals Working in Accident & Emergency Department in Brunei Darussalam
PhD Thesis L941E 2015 Luckwirun Chotisiri Effectiveness of an integrated laughter mild physical activity and dietary self-control program in hypertensive patients Pathum Thani Thailand
PhD Thesis N963E 2015 Nuchanad Hounnaklang Effect of eletromagnetic fields devices use on sleep quality and academic performance among high school students in Bangkok Thailand
PhD Thesis J95E 2014 Jurairat Boonruab Effectiveness of The Court-Type Traditional Thai Massage Versus Topical Diclofenac on Treating Patients with Myofascial Pain Syndrome in the Upper and Middle Trapezius
PhD Thesis K16E 2014 Kanjanar Pintakham Effectiveness of the Multidimensional Ergonomic Intervention (MEI) Model to Reduce Musculoskeletal Discomfort among Street Sweepers
PhD Thesis K19E 2014 Katekaew Seangpraw Effectiveness of Participatory Learning School-Based Intervention Prevention of Soil-Transmitted Helminth (STH) Infections among Primary School Students Nan Province Thailand
PhD Thesis K95E 2014 Ramesh Kumar The Effectiveness of Intensive Healthcare Waste Management Model (IHWMM) Regarding Infectious Hospital Waste at Tertiary Care Hospitals of Rawalpindi Pakistan
PhD Thesis N469E 2014 Nethnapa Vongskan The Effects of an Integrated Savings and Community Based Health Education Program among Older Adults with Hypertension: a Quasi-Experimental Controlled Study
PhD Thesis P375R 2014 Peerada Damapong A Randomized Controlled Trial on the Effectiveness of Court-Type Traditional Thai Massage Versus Amitriptyline in Patients with Chronic Tension-Type Headache
PhD Thesis P535E 2014 Phanida Wamontree Effects of Traditional Thai Self- Massage Using Wilai Massage Sticktm Versus Ibuprofen in Patients with Upper Back Associated with Myofascial Trigger Point: a Randomized Controlled Trial
PhD Thesis P694S 2014 Piyarat Eaimkhong Self- Regulation and Short Message Service (SMS) Intervention for Promoting Safe Sex among Army Conscripts in Lop Buri Army Area, Thailand
PhD Thesis P726E 2014 Plernta Ethisan Effectiveness of Group-Mediated Life Style Physical Activity (GLPA) Program for Physical Activities among Older Persons in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province Thailand
PhD Thesis P918Q 2014 Pravaree Phuneerub Quality Safety and Efficacy Evaluation of Cha Tu Ka La Thad and Tree Phon Thad Remedies
PhD Thesis P984E 2014 Punyanut Amorndoljai Efficacy and Safety of Ginger Extract Nanoparticles Relieves Pains in Knee Osteoarthritis
PhD Thesis S239E 2014 Saovalux Dullyaperadis The Effect of Flood Preparedness Education Program for the Elderly Living in the Community Saraburi Province Thailand
PhD Thesis S249E 2014 Saruta Saengtipbovorn Effectiveness of Lifestyle Change plus Dental Care (LCDC) Program on Improving Glycemic and Periodontal Status in Elderly with Type 2 Diabetes Bangkok Thailand
PhD Thesis S693S 2014 Somdeth Bodhisane Social Insurance Policy Formation on Financial Protection and Health Service Utilization: a Study of Community Based Health Insurance (CBHI) In Savannakhet Province, Lao P.D.R
PhD Thesis T367G 2014 Thanusin Saleeon Green Tobacco Sickness (GTS) in Thai Traditional Tobacco Farmers Related To Their Occupational Exposure in Nan Province, Thailand
PhD Thesis T428P 2014 Thidarat Duangyod Pharmacognostic specifications and quantitative analyses of (+)-catechin and (-)-epicatechin in Thai crude drugs under the name of Si-Siad
PhD Thesis T428D 2014 Thidajit Maneewat Development of Multi-component Counseling Program for Enhancing Resilienceamong Thai Caregivers of Older Person with Dementia
Thesis A637M 2014 Anurak Cheoymang Monitoring of Adherence to the 14-Day Course of Primaquinein Patients with Plasmodium Vivax Malaria: Application of Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) for Determination of Primaquine in Dried Blood Spot Samples
Thesis A793G 2014 Arunrat Saeou Genotoxic Evaluation of Aegle Marmelos Extracts in Amino Acid Dependent Strains of Salmonella Typhimurium and Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Thesis A926F 2014 Aung Ko Ko Factors Associated With Early Neonatal Death in North Okklapa Township Hospital Yangon Division Myanmar
Thesis C492K 2014 Chatprapa Sirirat Knowledge Attitude and Intention of Preventing the Unwanted Pregnancy among Female Undergraduate Students in Bangkok Thailand
Thesis C542K 2014 Chisapath Choothong Knowledge Regarding an Access to Universal Coverage Scheme among the Elderly in Amphoe Muang Ratchaburi Province Thailand
Thesis F255P 2014 Ridhwan Fauzi The Prevalence of Shisha and Electronic Cigarette Smoking Among High School Students in Jakarta, Indonesia
Thesis H678P 2014 Hnin Oo Mon Perception and Usage of Compulsory Migrant Health Insurance Scheme Among Adult Myanmar Migrant Workers in Bang Khun Thian Districtbangkok Metropolitan Area, Thailand
Thesis K16P 2014 Kanyarat Peng-ngummuang Pharmacognostic Specifications and Coumarin Contents of Alyxia Reinwardtii and Eupatorium Stoechadosmum
Thesis K79F 2014 Anu Koirala Factors Associated with Utilization of Maternalhealth Services in Selected Mountainous Villagesof Kaski District, Western Nepal
Thesis K96K 2014 Kunlanant Senkham Knowledge Attitude and Practice towards the Campaign “Eat Hot Food, Use Serving Spoon, and Always Wash Your Hands” among Food Consumers in Chulalongkorn University’s Canteens Bangkok Thailand
Thesis M685A 2014 Yuka Miyahara The Application of Thai Traditional Massage on Parkinson's Disease Symptoms on Patients in King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital: a Randomized Intervention Study
Thesis N271F 2014 Natapong Sooktowyad Factors Associated With Nutrition Information Label Reading among Students in Chulalongkorn University
Thesis N964S 2014 Nuchwaree Boonkumkrong Stakeholder Analysis in Global Aids Program (Thailand MOPH-U.S. CDC Collaborations)
Thesis N993K 2014 Nyan Win Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Regarding Diabetes Mellitus among Myanmar Migrant Workers in Bang Khun Thian District, Bangkok, Thailand
Thesis P213P 2014 Paphitchaya Thetsana Pharmacognostic Specification and Vasicine Content of Adhatoda Vasica Leaves
Thesis P644P 2014 Pimpan Chatchinarat Pharmacognostic Specifications and Antimicrobial Activities of Houttuynia Cordata
Thesis R185P 2014 Salil Rana Prevalence and Factors Associated With Undernutrition among Children Aged 0-59 Months in Mugu District Nepal
Thesis S619S 2014 Sirinya Naratchariyangkoon Survey of Satisfaction among Users of Electronic Patient Anesthesia Record in Neurological Institute Bangkok Thailand
Thesis S619Se 2014 Siriporn Santre Sexual Harassment among Female Undergraduate Students in Bangkok Thailand
Thesis W246A 2014 Yu-Fang Wang Assessing Age-Friendly Features and Needs of Elderly toward Age-Friendly City in Amphoe Muang Ratchaburi Province Thailand
PhD Thesis B157E 2013
Melissa M. Baker
The effect of an e-based educational intervention on expatriate parents human papillomavirus (HPV) knowledge, perception, vaccination intention and uptake in Bangkok, Thailand >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis D685E 2013
Donnapa Hongthong
The effect of the PALMSS alcohol prevention program on maintaining of low-risk drinking level among low-risk drinkers in high school >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis J96B 2013  
Juthasiri Rohitrattana
Behavioral health effects of pesticides exposure among children living in Pathumthani province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis K84E 2013
Korravarn Yodmai
The effect of home-based lifestyle change intervention toward quality of life among elderly in Samsung district, Khonkean province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis K99E 2013
Kye Mon Min Swe
Effects of Melaka Manipal Medical College needle sticks injury prevention model on needle sticks injury prevention among medical students in Melaka, Malaysia >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis L172I 2013 Lagsana Leuprasert Innovative pesticide kit model for vegetable farm safety surveillance program
PhD Thesis M757M 2013
Montakarn Chuemchi
Model development for reduction of intimate partner violence problem in Thailand >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis P142E 2013
Paisit Boonyakawee
Effectiveness of insecticide application models program [IAMP] intervention to increase safety behavior and reduce health risks in shogun orange farmers, Khao-phanom district, Krabi province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Phd Thesis P543E 2013  
Phitsanuruk Kanthawee
Effectiveness of healthy lifestyle modification and companionship (HLM&C) model to improve health status and quality of life among elderly people with type 2 diabetes mellitus in Chiangrai province >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis S241E 2013
Sapsatree Santaweesuk
Effectiveness of injury and illness prevention program among rice farmers at Ongkharak district, Nakhon Nayok province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis S225H 2013 Sangchom Siripanich Health risk assessment associated with wood dust exposure and risk management for incense and joss stick workers, Roi-Et Province Thailand >>Abstract<
PhD Thesis S624D 2013
Ma. Esmeralda Silva
Determining the influence of the local food environment on the dietary compliance and diet quality of type 2 diabetes mellitus patients enrolled in the cardio-vascular disease (CVD) program in Davao city, Philippines >>Abstract<<
Thesis A313W 2013
Akarat Sivaphongthongchai
Wall inscription on herbal medicine and hermit exercise at Sala Ruesee Wat Matchimawas Worawihan, Songkhala province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis B468H 2013
Benjamaporn Chaipung
Health seeking behaviors in influenza-like illness among healthcare providers in Angthong province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis C512P 2013
Chayanon Chaowuttikul
Pharmacognostic specification of usnea siamensis and quantitative analysis of usnic acid by thin layer chromatography >>Abstract<<
Thesis C548R 2013
Chonthida Yotharin
Risk factors of type II diabetes mellitus among people aged 40 and above in Ban Na Makhuea sub-district, Sahatsakhan district, Kalasin province, Thailand
Thesis C559P 2013 Chuanchom Khuniad Pharmacognostic evaluation and chrysazin Quantitation of Xyris indica flowering heads >>Abstract<<
Thesis D213A 2013
Daraporn Prakunwisit
Association of maternal knowledge and health service to immunization status of Myanmar migrant children aged 1-2 years in Tak province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis D269S 2013
Thol Dawin
Satisfaction from caregivers of children under age of five for surgery department of national pediatric hospital Phenom Penh, Cambodia >>Abstract<<
Thesis E36B 2013
Ekarat Sombatsawat
Blood cholinesterase level as biomarker of organophosphate and carbamate pesticide exposure effect among rice farmers in Tarnlalord sub-district, Phimai district, Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis J61F 2013 Jidapa Polruk Factors related to neck and shoulder pain among the royal Thai air force pilots Bangkok Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis H237H 2013 Khaung Myitzu Hane HIV/AIDS risk behaviors among people living with HIV (PLHIV) in Ratana Metta organization Yangon Myanmar
Thesis H873F 2013
Htoo Aung Cho
Factors associated with IUD service productivity of sun quality health doctors in Myanmar >>Abstract<<
Thesis K21M 2013
Kaung Myat
Maternal knowledge attitude and practice of preventing diarrhea among children under five in migrants in Mae Sot District Tak Province Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis L195H 2013
Lalita Sangngern
Health status and health seeking behaviours among the elderly in the Donmuang slum community, Bangkok, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis N191B 2013
Nantaporn Dinlakanont
Bioactive potentials of selected malvaceous plants >>Abstract<<
Thesis N576P 2013 Nguyen Thi Hai Yen

Prevalence and factors related to dental caries among 6 years old children in Nha Trang City Khanh Hoa Province Vietnam

Thesis P315D 2013
Pattaraporn Piwong
Determinant factors associated with allergic rhinitis in a housing development community at Bang Khen district, Bangkok, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis P339P 2013
Paweena Kumpang
Perception about health risk and health protection from crops and forest fire smoke among high school student in Nan province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis R233D 2013
Ratchadaporn Chanthabutr
Drug misuse among urban menopause population in Muang district, Ubon Ratchathani province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis S271A 2013
Saw Morgan Soe Win
Assessment of alcohol consumption among adults in urban and rural areas of Pha-An township Myanmar >>Abstract<<
Thesis S615S 2013
Sin Vorn
Sociocultural and other factors associated with malnourished children aged under five in Preah Vihear province, Cambodia
Thesis S524P 2013
Pratibha Shahi
Pattern of tobacco use among adolescent in International College Kalanki Nepal >>Abstract<<
Thesis S698S 2013 Sonesavanh Phimmasine Satisfaction of oxygen therapy pilot project in two district hospitals, Savannakhet Province Lao PDR
Thesis S957P 2013
Sunit Kukreja
Parkinsonism and related factors among farmers living in chilli farm area in Hua Rua sub-district, Muang district, Ubonratchathani, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis S959M 2013 Suppanut Sriutaisuk Meaning in life and quality of life among pre-retirement age Chulalongkorn University staff, Thailand
Thesis S959P 2013
Supattra Prom-in
Pharmacognostic specification and quercitrin content of dendrophthoe pentandra leaves >>Abstract<<
Thesis S967Q 2013
Suwimol Tongkamkaew
Quality assessment and antimicrobial activities of psidium guajava leaves >>Abstract<<
Thesis T161F 2013
Tanatchaya Prachaporn
Factors associated with job stress among women employees in the private skin care company Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis T161P 2013 Tanavij Pannoi Prevalence of potentially inappropriate medication (PIM) and factors associated with pim in elderly outpatient prescriptions at a district hospital In the Southern region of Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis T367F 2013
Tharathorn Benjaroon
Factors associated with job-related stress among expatriate teachers: a case study of international schools in Bangkok Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis T617F 2013
Titaporn Luangwilai
Factors associated with musculoskeletal disorders among rice farmers in Tarnlalord sub-district, Phimai district, Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis U27K 2013 Owualah Loveleen Ugonwanyi Knowledge perception and practice among female international students towards cervical cancer screening in Chulalongkorn University Bangkok Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis W321H 2013
Wassana Loonsamrong
Health risk assessment of BTEX exposure to parking workers at one of parking structure in Bangkok Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis W324I 2013
Watchara Damjuti
In vitro and in vivo bioactivities of leptocarpus disjunctus ethanolic extract >>Abstract<<
Thesis Y37K 2013
Ye Win Aung
Knowledge attitude barriers and preventive behaviors of tuberculosis among Myanmar migrants in Hua Fai Village Mae Sot District Tak Province Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis Y94H 2013
Yupha Pakakate
Hearing capacity in relation to noise levels and other potential risk factors among press part machine workers in autopart factory in Samut Prakran Thailand >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis A926M 2012 Aung Kay Tu Empowerment of Myanmar migrant workers as health volunteers for improving community health knowledge of common infectious diseases in Tak Province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis C454E 2012 Chanapong Rojanaworarit Efficiency analysis of high-cost dental prosthetic service provision in thai district hospitals under universal healthcare coverage scheme in fiscal year 2010-2011 >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis K97C 2012 Kusuma Sriyakul A comparative double-blinded randomized study : the efficacy of prasaplai extract versus mefenamic acid on relieving pain among primary dysmenorrhea patients >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis L154E 2012 Laddawan Daengthoen Effects of Phramongkutklao model on alcohol-dependent patients : study outcomes to explore a model for outpatient >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis N979A 2012 Nutta Taneepanichskul The agricultural health surveillance of chilli farmers exposure to pesticide : a case study of agricultural area, Hua-Rua sub-district, Muang District, Ubonratchathani Province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis O58E 2012 Onwilasini Stewart Effectiveness of temple-based stroke education program for risk reduction and promoting appropriate emergency response after acute stroke among Buddhist elderly in Uttaradit province Thailand >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis P151E 2012 Pajaree Abdullakasim Effectiveness of healthy organization by participatory encouragement (hope) project on reducing cardiovascular risk factors in employees of the electric generating authority of Thailand (EGAT) >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis P315I 2012 Pattanawadee Pattanathaburt Integrated intervention to reduce disordered eating behaviors and body image dissatisfaction: an intervention study on female Naresuan University students >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis P527P 2012 Phataraphon Markmee Pesticide risk reduction program to improve protective behavior and reduce health risk of pesticide use among rice farmers in Kong Krailat District, Sukhothai province >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis P536D 2012 Phayong Thepaksorn Developing health impact assessment tools : a case study of cement factory in Nakhon Si Thammarat province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
PhD Tesis R257S 2012 Rawiwan Manohan Safety efficacy and quality assessments of Ben-Cha-Moon-Yai Remedy >>Abstract<<

PhD Tesis S239P 2012

Saowanee Norkaew Pesticide exposure of family in chili farm community, Hua-Rua sub-district, Muang district, Ubonratchathani province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis S243Q 2012 Saranthinee Mongkolrat Quality assessment of selected liriodenine bearing plants endemic to Thailand / Saranthinee Mongkolrat >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis T368E 2012 Thaw Htwe Min Effectiveness of contraceptive used behavior encouragement model to prevent unwanted pregnancy among young unmarried migrant women in Maesot, Tak Province, Thailand >>Abstract<<

Thesis A234R 2012

Bipin Adhikari Risk factors of perceived stigma in leprosy affected persons and unaffected community persons in Western Nepal >>Abstract<<
Thesis A696C 2012 Ariyawan Khiewkumpan Customers’ satisfaction toward OPD service at Somdejphraphuthalertla Hospital, Muang District, Samut Songkram Province >>Abstract<<
Thesis A863P 2012 Atcha Somnuk Pharmacognostic specification of Acorus calamus rhizomes in Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis A926K 2012 Aung Myo Min Knowledge attitude and practices of hygiene behaviors among Nargis cyclone survivors of Laputta Township Ayeyarwaddy Union of Myanmar >>Abstract<<
Thesis A926S 2012 Aung Hein Sexual perception and attitude of young urbanized Myanmar people consuming internet pornography and social networking channels >>Abstract<<
Thesis A967N 2012   Awirut Singkun Needs assessment on sexuality and reproductive health education of secondary school adolescents in Yala >>Abstract<<
Thesis B299K 2012 Saudat Abdullahi Basheer Knowledge attitude among marriage women of reproductive age towards vesico vaginal fistula in Kebbi State Nigeria >>Abstract<<
Thesis D488F 2012 Sudha Devkota Factors related to uterine prolapse among married women of child bearing age in Dang District Nepal >>Abstract<<
Thesis G983F 2012 Ivo Cornelio Lopes Guterres Factors influence household to use latrines after open defecation free declaration in Ermera Distritct, Timor-Leste >>Abstract<<
Thesis H873S 2012 Htet Aung Substance use and HIV-related sexual risk behaviors in Myanmar migrant workers in Mae Sai, Chaingrai Province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis K11R 2012 Nils Kaehler Risk factors of perceived stigma in leprosy affected and non-affected persons in Non Somboon, Khon Khaen Province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis K16A 2012 Kanjanachaya Sirijoti Assessment of knowledge attitudes and practices regarding antibiotics use in Kuanthani subdistrict Kantang district Trang province Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis K62A 2012 Kitthisak Chansukh Antimicrobial activities of selected Thai medicinal plants bearing quinonoids >>Abstract<<
Thesis K62K 2012 Kittigunya Pidgunpai Knowledge attitude and practice (KAP) related to cholinesterase level in blood of rice farmers in Chainart province Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis M697D 2012 Debajyoti Mohapatra Demographic, socio-economic, and environmental factors associated with diarrhoea morbidity in children under- five in rural Odisha : a study of Rayagada District-India >>Abstract<<
Thesis N576R 2012   Nguyen Thi My Hanh Respiratory effects among non smoking women in relation to household cooking fuel uses: liquefied petroleum gas only, coal only and both liquefied petroleum gas and coal in Tu Liem Suburban District Hanoi Vietnam >>Abstract<<
Thesis P194D 2012 Pannisa Doungkaew Dementia prevalence among the elderly in Taiban sub-district Samutprakarn province >>Abstract<<
Thesis P338Q 2012 Pavinee Harutaichun Quality and factors associate with foot pain in pre-retirement aged at Chulalongkorn University Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis P792Q 2012 Pongsathorn Yukongphan Quality assessment of ardisia elliptica fruit and analysis of embelin content by thin layer chromatographic techniques >>Abstract<<
Thesis R982K 2012 Ruttiya Charoenchokpanit Knowledge attitude and preventive behaviors towards hand foot and mouth disease among caregivers of children under five years old in Bangkok Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis S526A 2012 Prakash Prasad Shah Assessment of antenatal care utilization and client satisfaction of women in rural and urban areas of Kathmandu District of Nepal >>Abstract<<

Thesis S623A 2012

Sittipong Sreechat Assessment of knowledge attitude and preventive behavior of pulmonary tuberculosis among Myanmar refugees in Ban Mai Nai Soi temporary shelter Mae Hong Son Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis S676N 2012 Dirce Maria Soares Nutritional status of adolescent girls aged 14-19 years old in secondary high school of Manatutuo District Timor Leste >>Abstract<<
Thesis W113A 2012 Wachiraporn Wilaiwan Assessment of farmer and non-farmer health effects related to organophosphate pesticides exposure using blood cholinesterase activity as a biomarker in agricultural area at Ongkharak District Nakhon Nayok Province Thailand >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis A532D 2011 Ananya Manit Development of the instruments to assess needs and resources for self-management support in Thais with type 2 diabetes >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis A678P 2011 Aree Wadwongtham Promotion of healthy eating behavior among undergraduate students through participatory communication processes >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis B944M 2011 Buppha Raksanam Multi-approach model for improving agrochemical safety among farmers in Pathumthani province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis G411N 2011 Abdul Ghaffar National health policy process formation and implementation regarding antenatal care health services delivery and utilization at district level in Baluchistan Province, Pakistan >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis P543H 2011 Phiman Thirarattanasunthon Health risk Reduction Behaviors Model (HRRBM) of scavenger labors exposed to solid waste at local waste disposal site in Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis W244E 2011 Wanpen Songkham Effects of a healthy unit guidance (HUG) program on work environments and health outcomes among nursing personnel >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis W758E 2011 Winai Sayorwan Effects of selected volatile oils commonly used in Thailand on physiological activities and emotions >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis V953T 2011 Vorapoj Promasatayaprot Thailand universal coverage health care reforms: Researching the role of the local fund health security in local government purchasers in the Northeastern region of Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis A288P 2011 Ai Thien Nhan Lam Prevalence and factors associated with hepatitis B infection in Stieng tribe adults in Binhphuoc Province, Vietnam >>Abstract<<
Thesis A784K 2011 Arty Kaur Sachdev Knowledge and attitude regarding human papillomavirus, human papillomavirus vaccine and cervical cancer, human papillomavirus vaccination history among female bachelor degree students at Chulalongkorn University >>Abstract<<
Thesis B261E 2011 Sarah Bennett Barnes Exclusive breastfeeding experiences among mothers in Bangkok, Thailand : findings from a mixed-methods study >>Abstract<<
Thesis C543F 2011 Chit Pyae Pyae Han Factors affecting intention to take pap smear screening among married women in Mandalay, Myanmar >>Abstract<<
Thesis D538F 2011 Diana Somporn Factors influecning depression among elderly in Ban Bangkhae nursing homes, Bangkok, Thailand after flooding >>Abstract<<
Thesis D812P 2011 Duangporn Sansanasupapong Perception and willingness to obtain influenza vaccination among healthcare staff and elderly group : a case study at the public hospital, Nakhonchaisri District Nakhonpathom Province >>Abstract<<
Thesis H677F 2011 Hlaing Htaik Hta Khin Factors related to antenatal, delivery and postnatal health care among female clients of reproductive health mobile services, Suburban Yangon, Myanmar >>Abstract<<
Thesis J26S 2011 Jakchai Tittabut Situation analysis of adolescent attempted suicide in Chaiprakarn District, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis K45O 2011 Khin Thiri Maung Occupational characteristics and factor associated with prevention practices related to HIV/AIDS among alcohol factory male workers in industrial zone (1), Pyi Gyi Tagon Township, Mandalay, Myanmar >>Abstract<<
Thesis M693R 2011 Moe Myint Theingi Tun Respiratory symptom and illness prevalence in relation to biomass fuel use in Chan Aye Thar Zan Township, Mandalay city, Mandalay Region, Myanmar >>Abstract<<
Thesis M997F 2011 Myo Zin Oo Factors related to unprotected sex in men having sex with men (MSM) in Mandalay, Myanmar >>Abstract<<
Thesis N119M 2011 Nachaphun Sukhuim Measuring safety culture attitude of health professionals at King Narai Hospital, Lop Buri Province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis N281A 2011 Nattapon Chawla Assessment of childhood obesity and overweight in Thai children grade5-9 years in BMA Bilingual Schools, Bangkok, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis N494K 2011 Ramesh Neupane Knowledge and protective behaviors of staff nurses towards influenza pandemic at health care setting of Nepal >>Abstract<<
Thesis N812P 2011 Nonglapat Sasiwatpaisit Pharmacognostic specification and dioscorine content of dioscorea hispida tubers >>Abstract<<
Thesis N964A 2011 Nuchwadee Wankum Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practice of preventive self-care on diabetic foot ulcer in typeII diabetic patients, Mueang Roi-Et district, Roi-Et province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis P231C 2011 Parichart Hongsing Chemical composition and biological activities of selected exudate gums >>Abstract<<
Thesis P337I 2011 Paween Kunsorn The identities and anti herpes simplex virus activity of Clinacanthus Nutans and Clinacanthus Siamensis >>Abstract<<
Thesis P339K 2011 Pawinee Wongkrajang Knowledge, attitude, practice and eye problems from contact lens use in students at Chulalongkorn University 2010 >>Abstract<<
Thesis P394A 2011 Pema Udon Assessment of alcohol consumption among pregnant women in antenatal clinic (anc) at Jigmi Dorji Wangchuk National Referral Hospital (JDWNRH), Thimphu, Bhutan >>Abstract<<
Thesis P542A 2011 Phetdavanh Leuangvilay Associated environmental factors, knowledge and practice regarding to anthrax infection in human in Salavan District, Salavan Province, Lao PDR : case-control study >>Abstract<<
Thesis R575P 2011 Abhishek Rimal Prevalence, determinants and microvascular complications of type 2 diabetes mellitus among elderly population of Kathmandu, Nepal >>Abstract<<
Thesis S249F 2011 Saruta Saengtipbovorn Factors associated with the utilization of dental health services by the elderly patients in Health Center No.54, Bangkok, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis S619K 2011 Sirinan Suwannaporn Knowledge, attitude, and practice toward helmet use among motorcycle rider and passenger in Ratchaburi Province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis S942F 2011 Suchitra Panyadilok Factors influencing quality of life of elders in Chiang Khwan district, Roi Et province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis T176H 2011 Tara Devi Laabar Hospital waste management: a study on knowledge, attitude and practices among health workers and waste handlers in Jigme Dorji Wangchuk National Referral Hospital, Thimphu, Bhutan >>Abstract<<
Thesis T236D 2011 Tay Zar Soe Determinants and consequences of alcohol consumption among male adult Myanmar migrant workers in Ratchaburi Province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis T428Q 2011 Thidarat Duangyod Quantitative analysis of civetone and normuscone in secretion from viverricula indica and in aromatic remedies by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry >>Abstract<<
Thesis T883K 2011 Tuan Duong Kim Knowledge, attitude and practice about exclusive breastfeeding among women in Chililab in Chi Linh Town, Hai Duong Province, Vietnam >>Abstract<<
Thesis V662H 2011 Viengnakhone Vongxay Household air pollution, respiratory symptoms, rural, urban, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis D391R 2010 Denpong Wongwichit Risk reduction of paraquat exposure through risk communication model in maize farmers at Namtok sub-district, Nanoi district, Nan province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis H361E 2010 Hatairat Kaoaiem The effect of squad leader mentors through short message services on mobile phone in promoting safe sex among first (central) army area conscripts of Thailand >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis H837P 2010 Htoo Htoo Kyaw Soe A participatory action research for improving maternal health through health education program with pictorial handbook in Pao minority group, Myanmar >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis K99M 2010 Kyaw Min The model development of Participatory Education on Adolescent Reproductive Life (PEARL) programme to prevent unintended pregnancy among Myanmar migrant adolescent and youth in Samut Sakhon province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis M995A 2010 Judy Wanja Mwaura Access to health care and financial protection : Role of a community based health insurance in Kenya >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis N328M 2010 Nawakamon Suriyan Model development of mandibular two-implant retained overdentures plus nutritional empowerment in elderly with dentures (NEED) >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis O63P 2010 Orapin Laosee A participatory approach to develop strategies to increase the swimming ability of primary school children >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis V163R 2010 Valerie Daw Tin Shwe A randomized controlled trial of a household drinking water storage intervention to assess its impact on microbiological water quality and diarrhoeal diseases at Mae La temporary shelter, Tak province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis A642P 2010 Apirach Prachasupap Phototoxic activities of selected Thai rutaceous and umbelliferous plant extracts >>Abstract<<
Thesis A926F 2010 Aung Zaw Phyo Factors inducing anxiety and depression among adult Myanmar migrant workers : a case study in Ratchaburi province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis A926K 2010 Aung Myin Ko Ko Knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) on cigarette smoking among adult Myanmar migrant workers: a case study in Ratchaburi province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis B295K 2010 Ashma Baruwal Knowledge, attitude and preventive measures amongst the married women of reproductive age towards uterine prolapse in the 8 VDCs of Surkhet district, Nepal >>Abstract<<
Thesis J79K 2010 Jong Gu Yun Knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP) on asthma among Thai adults: a case study in Ratchaburi province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis K45C 2010 Khin Thu Zar Contraception usage among married women of reproductive age in Mandalay, Myanmar >>Abstract<<
Thesis N576F 2010 Nguyen Hoang Phuong Facilitating factors and barriers for intention to accept HPV vaccine among young females in Hanoi - Viet Nam >>Abstract<<
Thesis N736F 2010 Niyom Pragosuntung Factors associated with glycemic control in type 2 diabetes patients at primary care unit, Pathumrat district, Roi-Et province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis N812C 2010 Nonglak Khamsawarde Comparison of self-care behavior between HIV/AIDS infected and non-infected mothers >>Abstract<<
Thesis P922E 2010 Preeyakamol Meeyutem Effects of selected Thai ancient remedies extracts on mutagenicity and antimutagenicity using Ames test >>Abstract<<
Thesis P997P 2010 Pynpinat Nakhirunkanok The pattern of binge drinking among young adults in high socioeconomic nightclubs, Bangkok >>Abstract<<
Thesis R154K 2010 Ajit Pal Singh Raina Knowledge, attitude and practice on disposal of sharp waste, used for home management of type-2 diabetes mellitus in New Delhi, India >>Abstract<<
Thesis R737F 2010 Nida Rohmawati Factors associated with diarrhea among under-five years old children in Banten province Indonesia : a secondary analysis of Indonesian national socio-economic survey 2007 and basic health research 2007 >>Abstract<<
Thesis S447A 2010 Nita Sedhain Assessment of performance of supplementary feeding program for under-five children in three temporary shelters in Tak province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis S942H 2010 Sucot Nopparatbundit Health risk assessment associated with inhalation exposure of carbonyl compounds to gasoline workers in Bangkok, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis S957E 2010 Sununta Srisiti Effect of group squat exercises to perform Activity of Daily Living (ADL) in elderly people >>Abstract<<
Thesis S961P 2010 Surasak Ammartyothin Perceptions and satisfactions regarding to the national policy implementation for the elderly : case study in Phrasamutchedi district, Samutprakan province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis T367A 2010 Thanawat Rattanawitoon Alcohol consumption and health consequences among villagers in Thum Tong sub-district, Mueang Nan district, Nan province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis T414A 2010 Thet Win Association of environmental and socio-economic risk factors and dengue preventive practice related to dengue outbreak in Maela Temporary Shelter in Tak Province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis T877P 2010 Namgay Tshering Prevalence and determinants of hypertension among Bhutanese monks in Tashi-Choe-Dzong, Thimphu, Bhutan >>Abstract<<
Thesis W248W 2010 Wanliya Ganyarut Working environment and respiratory problems among employees in 2 garment factories in Ubon Ratchathani province >>Abstract<<
Thesis W919M 2010 Woralak Roonyamara Microscopic and molecular analyses of selected Morinda species in Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis Y37H 2010 Ye Paing Kyi Household waste disposal : knowledge, perception, practices, and relationship with diarrhea frequency in Laputta Township in Myanmar >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis D534A 2009 Ramji P. Dhakal Analysis of the implementation challenges of health sector decentralization policy in Nepal >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis L214E 2009 Lamai Monkong The effectiveness of program developed from cognitive-experiential self-theory and life skills technique on adolescent coping with stress >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis N729D 2009 Nithra Kitreerawutiwong Developing a tool to evaluate primary care performance in different types of pacilties: a case study in Phitsanulok province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis P667F 2009 Piraya Aungudornpakdee Factors related to neurobehavioral effects in youth children residing near petrochemical industrial estate: a community-based cross-sectional study in Map Ta Phut sub-district, Rayong province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis A926C 2009 Aung Htet Win Clients' satisfaction towards health care services at Outpatient Department, Pinlon Hospital, Yangon, Myanmar >>Abstract<<
Thesis E34K 2009 Ei Phyu Phyu Chaw Knowledge, attitude and practice of combined oral contraceptives (COCS) among Myanmar migrant married women of reproductive age at Ranong province in Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis E36F 2009 Ekkasit Mamanee Factors affecting quality of life among patients with post-operative breast cancer in Roi-Et province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis H872F 2009 Hpoo Pwint Khine Factors affecting anxiety and depression in Myanmar migrant adolescents in Bang Bon district, Bangkok, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis J37S 2009 Jarinya Chomjai Satisfaction of the elderly after complete dentures insertion on upper and lower arch at Jaturapakpiman district, Roi Et province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis J74S 2009 Irshad Ali Jokhio Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) among urban men attending The Out Patient Department (OPD) of Federal Government Services Hospital (FGSH) Islamabad, Pakistan >>Abstract<<
Thesis K62A 2009 Kitkawee Pono Association of length of stay and readmission rate among schizophrenic patients in Nakhon Phanom Psychiatric Hospital, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis K89F 2009 Kraisorn Sansingha Factors effecting on women satisfaction of cervical cancer screening in Roiet province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis N237O 2009 Narumol Srisaphum Oral health status in diabetes patients at Changhan district, Roiet province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis N979R 2009 Nutta Taneepanichskul Risk assessment of chlorpyrifos (organophosphate pesticide) associated with dermal exposure in chilli-growing farmers at Ubonrachatani province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis M261F 2009 Malulie Tongprasert Factors related to health-related quality of life among adult Myanmar migrant workers at Chiang Rai Regional Hospital and Pirom Clinic in Muang district, Chiang Rai province, Thailand : a cross-sectional study >>Abstract<<
Thesis O55A 2009 Melvin Ngozi Omelihu Assessment of knowledge and preventive behavior against influenza A (H1N1) among international students at Chulalongkorn University >>Abstract<<
Thesis P984P 2009 Punchanit Nuntatikul Prevalence of and factors associated with depression in Thai adult general OPD patients at Phanomprai Hospital, Roi-Et province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis R216K 2009 Rapat Eknithiset Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice (KAP) of diabetes mellitus type II patients in multidisciplinary program at Diabetes Mellitus Clinic, Phanomphrai Hospital, Phanomphrai district, Roi-Et province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis S158F 2009 Sakchai Kaehaban Factors influencing self-care behaviors of diabetic patients in diabetes mellitus clinic, Changhan Hospital, Roi Et province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis S239K 2009 Saowanee Norkaew Knowledge, attitude, and practice (KAP) of using personal protective equipment (PPE) for chilli-growing farmers in Huarua sub-district, Mueang district, Ubonrachathani province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis S533R 2009 Aminath Shaufa Respiratory symptoms in relation to air conditioning and dampness in homes and workplaces among the office workers in Male, Maldives >>Abstract<<
Thesis S619F 2009 Siriwat Chaihanit Factors influencing health behaviors of elders in Mueang district, Roi Et province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis S619H 2009 Siriporn Nonenoy Health related quality of life among persons living with HIV/AIDS in 3 hospital in Thailand >>Abstract<
Thesis S959S 2009 Supit Vorachate Satisfaction of betel nut chalk for aedes aegypti larva control project, Chaturaphak Phiman district, Roi Et province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis S961K 2009 Suree Jirapaiboonsuk Knowledge, attitude, and practice towards childhood tuberculosis in guardians of patients visiting the Pediatric Out-Patient Department, Sirindhorn Hospital, Bangkok >>Abstract<<
Thesis S961M 2009 Sura Suphomin Model for behavioral change in high risk toward diabetes type II patients by camping, Mueang district, Roi Et province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis S967C 2009 Suwannee Eamkong Curing cost of maggot therapy in chronic wounds compared to conventional therapy at Bang Yai Hospital, Nonthaburi province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis T367E 2009 Tharaphy The effects of household air pollution due to burning of mosquito coils on respiratory problems in Myanmar migrant workers in Mae Sot district, Tak province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis T367K 2009 Thanusin Saleeon Knowledge, attitude, and practice toward Clostridium Botulinum outbreak in home-canned bamboo shoots at Pakaluang subdistrict, Ban Luang district, Nan province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis T428M 2009 Thidar Aung Male involvement in prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS services among married men in Kyaikmaraw Township, Mon State, Myanmar >>Abstract<<
Thesis W113C 2009 Wachara Eamratsameekoo Cost identification analysis of cervical cancer screening in Roi Et province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis W249S 2009 Wannee Jamparkan Satisfaction of the elderly people towards the Healthy and Happiness on the Buddhist Day Project in Nangam sub-district, Selaphum district, Roi-Et province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis W312F 2009 Wasana Labnongsang Factors affecting breast self-examination among women in Roi Et municipality, Roi Et province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis W388I 2009 Asanka Wedamulla Incidence of suicidal attempts and its associated factors at Badulla Provincial General Hospital, Sri Lanka >>Abstract<<
Thesis W758P 2009 Win Mar Han Practice of contraception in premarital and marital sexual relationship among Myanmar youth migrants in Bang Bon districts, Bangkok and their reproductive health services accessibility >>Abstract<<
Thesis U54R 2009 Un Mei Pan Risk assessment for demal exposure of organophosphate pesticides in rice-growing farmers at Rangsit agricultural area, Pathumthani province, Central Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis Y21L 2009 Yan Naing Aung Living and working environment, and factors associated with the safe sex behavior and sexually transmitted infection of Myanmar migrant workers in Muang district, Ranong province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis Y37F 2009 Ye Hein Naing Factors influencing the practice of household waste management among Myanmar migrants in Muang district, Ranong province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis Y94F 2009 Yuttakorn Netthaworn Factors affecting development of children aged 3-5 years in Muangphrai Primary Care Unit, Selaphum district, Roi-Et province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis B468P 2008 Benjaporn Rajataramya Public sector reform: an analysis of the policy process on transformation to an autonomous public organization in Thailand >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis C532P 2008 Muni Raj Chhetri Prevalence and determinants of hypertension and diabetes among elderly population in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis D217T 2008 Dares Chusri A tuberculosis control program formulation, through a community participation approach, in the urban slum Klong Toei community in Bangkok, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis K11F 2008 Khadeeja Abdulla Accesibilility to knowledge and information on risk factors and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, and preventive [behaviors] of residents above 30 years of age in male'-Maldives >>Abstract<<
Thesis C749K 2008 Cong Dat Truong Knowledge, attitude, and practice on using personal protective equipment of rattan craftsmen in trade village at Kienxuong district, Thaibinh province, Vietnam >>Abstract<<
Thesis G411R 2008 Abdul Ghaffar Risk factors association of hepatitis C among women of reproductive age : a case control study at Quetta, Pakistan >>Abstract<<
Thesis H678P 2008 Hnin Thawda Thwin Preventive behaviors of tuberculosis among Myanmar migrants at Muang district, Phuket province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis K11F 2008 K. Maler Htoo Factors associated with unsafe sex behaviors for prevention of HIV/AIDS transmission among Myanmar migrant fishermen in Ranong, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis K62F 2008 Kitti Larpsombatsiri Factors relating to urinary iodine concentration of pregnant women in Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis L926C 2008 Lu Huang Characteristics and impact of support to orphans and vulnerable children in northern Thailand : a secondary analysis of Thailand multiple indicator cluster survey, 2006 >>Abstract<<
Thesis M975K 2008 Sheh Mureed Knowledge, attitude, and its influence on preventive behaviour towards HIV/AIDS among the bachelors of business administration and bio-technology students of Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and management Sciences, Quetta, Pakistan >>Abstract<<
Thesis N175H 2008 Nan Shwe Nwe Htun HIV/AIDS risk behaviors among Myanmar migrants in Bangkok, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis N695A 2008 Nilar Han Antiretroviral drug taking among Myanmar migrants in Central Region of Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis P574D 2008 Phuong Hien Nguyen Determination of school nurses' opinions toward their works and parents' perceptions of school nurse's roles and health services in Bacninh, Vietnam >>Abstract<<
Thesis S243F 2008 Saranthinee Mongkolrat Foreign patient customer satisfaction with private hospital service >>Abstract<<
Thesis S938P 2008 Su Thanda Zaw Prevalence of cigarette smoking and factors influencing cigarette smoking behavior among adult Myanmar migrant workers in Mahachai sub-district, Samut Sakhon province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis T136F 2008 Risa Takahashi Factors associated with travel related health problems among Japanese travelers in Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis T367A 2008 Chansamone Thanabouasy Assessment of knowledge, attitude, and practice regarding malaria prevention towards population in Paksong District, Champasack Province, Lao PDR >>Abstract<<
Thesis T374H 2008 Thet Aung Health seeking behaviours among Myanmar migrant workers in Ranong province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis T926N 2008 Tun Linn Thein Nature of accessibility to health care services and health-related quality of life among adult Myanmar migrant workers in Mahachai Sub-District, Samut Sakhon Province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis W664F 2008 Calistus Wilunda Factors associated with diarrhea and acute respiratory infections among children less than 5 years old in Thailand : a secondary analysis of Thailand multiple indicator cluster survey 2006 >>Abstract<<
Thesis A235J 2007 Adista Jeawkok Job satisfaction of health center personnel in Krabi Province >>Abstract<<
Thesis H239D 2007 Pham Thi My Hanh Dental caries and related factors in the first and second academic year medical students in Thaibinh Medical University, Vietnam >>Abstract<<
Thesis H873C 2007 Htoo Htoo Kyaw Soe Contraceptive usage among Myanmar migrant women of reproductive age in Phang-nga Province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis H874T 2007 Huai Yang Time course analysis of 25 case patients with Avain Influenza A (H5N1) virus infection in China, 2005-2007 >>Abstract<<
Thesis J61P 2007 Jirachart Ruangwatcharin Prevalence of diabetes mellitus and related factors amog people aged 40 years and over in Kiriratnikom District, Surat Thani Province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis J75P 2007 Jomkhwuan Kusai The prevalence and determinants of hypertension among elderly in Dinudom Sub District, Lumtup District, Krabi Province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis L713T 2007 John Charles Liddy Time to virological suppression and subsequent failure in ARV-Naive subjects receiving HAART : results from the HIV-NAT 006 cohort >>Abstract<<
Thesis M494C 2007 Meenu Sharma Characteristics of aggressive and violent behaviour amongst psychiatric inpatients in India >>Abstract<<
Thesis M664C 2007 Dubravka Selenic Minet Capacity for early detection, response and practice of villagers in relation to veterinary emergency preparedness for prevention, diagnosis and surveillance of Highly Pathogenic Avain Influenza (HPAI) in Suphanburi Province >>Abstract<<
Thesis N153K 2007 Nahida Ahmed Knowledge, attitude and practice of Dengue fever prevention among the people in male, Maldives >>Abstract<<
Thesis N275A 2007 Nathida Caengprasath The Association between socio-demographic factors and comsumption of vitamins/mineral supplements in Chulalongkorn University supporting staff >>Abstract<<
Thesis N335K 2007 Nazeera Najeeb Knowledge, attitude, and practice of standard and transmission-based precautions in tertiary and secondary health care settings of Maldives >>Abstract<<
Thesis N821C 2007 Noppadon Pumyim Capacity of health centers for implementing health promotion in Nakhonsawan Province >>Abstract<<
Thesis P149H 2007 Paisit Boonyakawee Health effects of pesticide use in agriculturists at Tambon Krabinoi, Amphur Meuang, Krabi Province in 2007 >>Abstract<<
Thesis P578P 2007 Phyo San Win Prevalence and determinants of access to, perceptions on, and preferences for, HIV-related health education among Myanmar migrant workers in Ranong, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis P837P 2007 Pornnarong Horkul Prevention and control hypertension & diabetes millitus through empowering key community leaders in Kao-Din sub-district, Kao Panom district, Krabi Province >>Abstract<<
Thesis Q9D 2007 Quyen Dinh Do Depression and stress among the first year medical students in University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Hochiminh City, Vietnam >>Abstract<<
Thesis R332P 2007 Refiandes Zurmatias Pharmaceutical services in community pharmacy in East Jakarta >>Abstract<<
Thesis R942S 2007 Rungtip Kusonsanong Strenthening public health personnel through amphetamine prevention teching life skills in schools : a case study in Phanatnikhom district >>Abstract<<
Thesis S132H 2007 Sai Ti Health related quality of life of Myanmar migrant workers in Takuapa and Kuraburi Districts, Phang-nga Province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis S227In 2007 Sanjaya Singh Thapa Influence of length of stay on patient satisfaction with hospital care >>Abstract<<
Thesis S238W 2007 Sanya Raksarut Work morale of public health personnel at Health Center in Krabi Province >>Abstract<<
Thesis S243E 2007 Saravit Khoonjun The evaluation of "Youth Empowerment Against Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever Project">>Abstract<<
Thesis S698P 2007 Son Yong Kim Preventive behaviors regarding foot ulcers in Diabetes Type II patients at BMA Health Centers No.48, Bangkok, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis S698Pr 2007 Song Ho Ja Preventive behaviors regarding stress management in essential-mild hypertension patients at BMA Health Center Region 48, Bangkok >>Abstract<<
Thesis S959P 2007 Supattra Dumluck Prevalence of smoking and factors influenced to smoking behavior among secondary school and vocational school student in Phuket Province, Thailand, 2008 >>Abstract<<
Thesis U48A 2007 Umakon Sithong Assessment of use of reproductive health services among minority women of reproductive age in Thong Pha Phume minority settlement, Karnchanaburi Province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis B199G 2006 Tara Singh Bam Gender differences in delays in intiating directly observed treatment among new sputum smear-positive pulmonary tuberculosis patients in Nepal >>Abstract<<
PhD Thesis P694S 2006 Piyathida Kuhirunyaratn Strengthening social support among the elderly in Khon Kean province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis C559F 2006 Chularat Boonyakawee The functional disability of the elderly in tambon Krabi-noi Muang district, Krabi province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis G216E 2006 Carmen Aurora Garcia Effects of habitat for humanity housing in the health of children and their mothers in three communities in greater Phnom-Penh, Cambodia >>Abstract<<
Thesis H361C 2006 Hataya Petcharoen Capacity building in counseling service to staffs in primary care unit (PCU) Chonburi hospital >>Abstract<<
Thesis N693A 2006 Nikorn Kuntong Assessment of village health volunteers role perceptions about prevention and control of dengue haemorrhagic fever in Thungsong district, Nakhon Si Thammarat province, Thailand
Thesis P837Q 2006 Pornchanok Koompai Quality improvement for stock recording of pharmaceutical and medical supplies at Somdejprasungkaraj hospital >>Abstract<<
Thesis S243F 2006 Sarote Teerakul Factors related to quality of epidemiologic surveillance data (report from 506) from health centers in Muang district, Nakhonsithammarat province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis T832F 2006 Trinh Thi Thanh Thuy Factors associated with unsuccessful TB treatment outcome on HIV-infected TB patients in An Giang, Vietnam 2001-2004 >>Abstract<<
Thesis W819P 2006 Witoon Luangdilok The performance of caretakers for prevention of dengue fever during care of patients at home >>Abstract<<
Thesis W973E 2006 Wutthichai Jariya Effectiveness of participatory learning program on pesticide utilization among agriculturists in Srinakorn district, Sukhothai province >>Abstract<<
Thesis Y94K 2006 Habib Mohammed Yusuf Knowledge, attitude, and practice relates to female genital mutilation and its types in Jijiga town of Somali Regional State of Ethiopia >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis S955E 2005 Ellen Charity Sumogue-Hegenauer Enhancing healthful eating and physical activity among international school students through school health-promotion program, Bangkok, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis J854H 2005 Jumlong Thongsomboon Health Promoting behaviors and quality of life among the elderly in Srisamrong district, Sukhothai province >>Abstract<<
Thesis M828M 2005 Judy Mwaura Management performance of contracting units for primary care in Ayutthaya province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis N986H 2005 Nyunt Naing Thein Health needs of Myanmar refugees in current resettlement period in Glen Innes, Auckland, New Zealand >>Abstract<<
Thesis P315B 2005 Pattanawadee Pattanathaburt Body image satisfaction and disordered eating behaviors among Thai actresses >>Abstract<<
Thesis P323C 2005 Pacharaporn Asa Consumer's needs on home visit by health workers in Nuea Khlong district, Krabi Province >>Abstract<<
Thesis P527F 2005 Phataraphon Markmee Factors influencing pesticide use-related symptoms among rice farmers in Kongkrailat district, Sukhothai province >>Abstract<<
Thesis R482P 2005 Rewat Promnate Preventive and control behaviors against dengue haemorrhagic fever among family health leaders Tamode district, Phatthalung province >>Abstract<<
Thesis S271C 2005 Saw Aung Than Wai Completion of antiretroviral prophylaxis among the HIV positive Myanmar migrant pregnant women in the prevention of mother to child transmission program >>Abstract<<
Thesis S551S 2005 Anil Sherchan Severity of eye injury and treatment-seeking behavior among adult patients in an eye hospital, Napal >>Abstract<<
Thesis T528P 2005 Thawee Limros Preventive behavior against dengue infection Kongkrailat district, Sukhothai province >>Abstract<<
Thesis W342C 2005 Walai Limopasmanee Caretaker behavior regarding the use of antibiotics for children under five years old at the outpatient department, Wangwiset hospital, Trang Province >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis N376P 2004 Narongsak Noosorn Participatory management of waste disposal >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis R372A 2004 Ratana Somrongtong Adolescent health needs, accessibility of services, depression and quality of the life by assisting in the development of community partnerships >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis S272P 2004 Sarala Shrestha The process and outcome of empowerment of female community health volunteers in regards to increase in the contraceptive appectance among the currently married women od reproductive age group in rural Nepal >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis S574P 2004 Siritree Suttajit Patterns of antibiotic use for upper respiratory infections (URIs) among commuity members, physicians, drugs seller and the involement of civil society in uri guidement development >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis S923I 2004 Sychareum Vanpharom The influece of parent-youth interaction on sexual attitudes and behaviors among unmarried youth in Vientiane capital city, Lao PDR. >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis W362H 2004 Wanapa Naravage Health seeking patterns of low-income young women with unplanned pregnancies : a qualitative and quantitative research >>Abstract<<
Thesis A786E 2004 Arunee Thunthanavittya Evalution of the development project of family health leader : a case study in Na Kaow Sia Sub-District Nayong District Trang Province >>Abstract<<
Thesis B686A 2004 Boun Penh Sangsomsack Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practices on safe delivery among traditional birth attendents in Somboune Village, Attopeu Province Lao P.D.R.>>Abstract<<
Thesis C462A 2004 Rup Narayan, Chapagai Analysis of expenditure of free refered care to India for fiscal year 1994-2004 >>Abstract<<
Thesis H344N 2004 Hasnita Nutritional status among public primary school children with and without school snack program in Jati Sshi Sub District Indonesia >>Abstract<<
Thesis H887R 2004 Adam Huebner Regular physical exercise and its relationship to global and physical self-esteem in administrative staff under 60 years of age at Chulalongkorn University faculty of engineering, Bangkok, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis J378I 2004 Jatuporn Jensilapa Improvement of service quality in the Chonburi Regional medical Science Center >>Abstract<<
Thesis J856E 2004 Jumnian Manakla Efficacy of farticipatory rural appraisal for community awareness in AIDS of Ban Nong-Wa and Ban Kao-Lom Tung-Yao Sud-District Palean-District Trang Province >>Abstract<<
Thesis K356N 2004 Kamolnat Muangyim Need assessment for Sirindhorn College of Public Health Chonburi Library development >>Abstract<<
Thesis K378A 2004 Katunchalee Kuntong Assessment of health services providers in primary care unit, Nakhon Si Thummarat Province 2002 >>Abstract<<
Thesis K49E 2004 Sungchol Kim Effectiveness of sifferent types of dot observers on treatment outcome among new smear positive pulmonary tuberculosis patients in Bangkok, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis L688F 2004 Chimmi Lhamu Factors effecting utilization of contraceptives among married women of reproductive age (15-49) years in Punakha District, Bhutan >>Abstract<<
Thesis N376E 2004 Narong Sahamethapat Evalution of the strategic planning of the bureau of non-communicable disease, department of disease control >>Abstract<<
Thesis N377P 2004 Natthacha Charoonsak Promoting breastfeeding through particapatory learning : case study at Nayong District, Trang Province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis N572M 2004 Nisachon Bubpa The magnitude and determinants of condom use among direct commercial sex workers (DSCWs) at the Cobodian - Thai border in Osmach Commune, Oddar Meanchey, Combodia >>Abstract<<
Thesis N672P 2004 Norbu Wangchuk The practice of Betel Nut Chewing among the students of grades 7 up to 11 from the secondary government school in Thimphu, Bhutan >>Abstract<<
Thesis N872P 2004 Nutchanok Boonmuang Prevalence rate and factors related to nosocomial urinary tract infection of indwelling catheterized patients in Thungsong Hospital, Nakhon Si Thummarat Province >>Abstract<<
Thesis O726E 2004 Orapin Kaewmaneechoti The effectiveness of inventory management system of Regional Medical Science Center - Chonburi >>Abstract<<
Thesis R377K 2004 Ratee Wannabovon Knowledge, attitude, preventive health action and prevalence of diabetes mellitus among people at Wangkeeree Sub-District, Huai Yot District, Trang Province >>Abstract<<
Thesis R377S 2004 Ratree Siriponbun Knowledge attitude, and practice about physical activity among people at Huai Yot District, Trang Province >>Abstract<<
Thesis R575T 2004 Kwang Il Rim Tuberculosis treatment default rate andits contributing factors : comparative evaluation between various health care settings in Bangkok, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis S225E 2004 Nima Sangay Effects of indoor air pollution on risk of acute respiratory infection and other respiratory problem in children under five in Thimphu, Bhutan >>Abstract<<
Thesis S748A 2004 Srivapa Mahathumnuchock Acute infantile diarrhea ang related factors in municipal communities Thung Song District, Nakhon Si Thumarat Province >>Abstract<<
Thesis S866U 2004 Suppagee Na Pattalung Unit cost of out-patient and in-patient services of Maharaj Nakhon Si Thummarat Hospital >>Abstract<<
Thesis S932F 2004 Suganya Pumsuwan Factors related to utilization diabetes mellitus patients at Ban khaoro Health Center Thung Song District Nakhon Si Thammarat Province >>Abstract<<
Thesis S952M 2004 Sumala Kongpool The musical therapeutic exercise program in orthopedic patients ward, Krabi Hospital >>Abstract<<
Thesis S977H 2004 Sutsawat Ammarittagul Health status and factors relates to health status of the elderly in Papayom district Patthalung Province >>Abstract<<
Thesis U26D 2004 Ugen Dophu Self assessment of behavior in infections waste management by health care workers of national referal hospital, Thimphu, Bhutan >>Abstract<<
Thesis U82O 2004 Usa Suthichayapipat Outcome of tuberculosis treatment among new tuberculosis case and related factors in Thungsong District, Nakhon Si Thummarat Province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis Y11D 2004 Sushil Yadav Description of HIV/AIDS patients in Nepal : comparison of those treated with and those not treated, and comparison of those whose treatment is observed and not observed >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis N962P 2003 Nualnong Wongtongkam Prevalence, severity, determinants and consequences of tissue necrosis among victims envenomed by Naja kaouthai (Thai cobra) and Calloselasma rhodostoma (Malayan Pit Viper) and it prevention in and experimental model >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis T367E 2003 Thanin Asawavichienjinda The effectiveness of shared care for patients with epilepsy in Nakhon Ratchasima province >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis T624A 2003 Suresh Kumar Tiwari Access to and utilization of health services in the area with and without civil conflict in Nepal : a case for tuberculosis services through district health facilities >>Abstract<<
Thesis A524P 2003 Amornrat Praphant Preventive behaviors form dust among workers in lime factories and stone crushing mills, Nakhon Si Thammarat province >>Abstract<<
Thesis A526T 2003 Amporn Boonnak The [evaluation] on health supervisors training program in Chun district Phayao province >>Abstract<<
Thesis B941Q 2003 Bumpen Kummun Quality improvement of health centers in Phachi district, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya >>Abstract<<
Thesis B765E 2003 Ketsomsouk Bouphavanh Experience of senior high school student motorcyclists on drinking and driving in Vientiane Municipality, Lao PDR >>Abstract<<
Thesis C492A 2003 Chatchai Buakaew Assessment of consumer needs and satisfaction with the diagnostic radiology service in community hospital, Krabi province >>Abstract<<
Thesis C559F 2003 Churaporn Bumrungpak Family health volunteer's participation for aedes aegypti larvae control in Muang district, Nakhon Si Thammarat province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis C564B 2003 Chutchaporn Hengsiri Breastfeeding practices among postpartum mothers in Maharaj Nakhon Si Thammarat Hospital Muang district, Nakhou Si Thammarat provicne >>Abstract<<
Thesis G981F 2003 Tapas Gurung Factors in fluencing patient satisfaction in a free health care system in the National Referral Hospital (NRH), Thimphu, Bhutan >>Abstract<<
Thesis K14R 2003 Kalaya Maneechot Risk factors associating with birth asphyxia in newborn at Maharaj Nakhon Si Thammarat Hospital >>Abstract<<
Thesis K16C 2003 Kanya Asawasudsakorn Consumer satisfaction with services of primary care unit under the 30 Baht policy in Muang District, Phatthalung Province >>Abstract<<
Thesis K18P 2003 Karuna Limjaroen Perceived patients' rights by health care workers and patients at Bamrasnaradura Institute, Ministry of Public Health, 2004 >>Abstract<<
Thesis K99K 2003 Hmwe Hmwe Kyu Knowledge, attitude and practices of migrant women caretakers from Myanmar on prevention of dengue fever in Mae Sot sub-district, Tak province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis L769H 2003 Suchitra Lisam HIV risk practics and their determinants among injecting drug users in Delhi and Manipur, India >>Abstract<<
Thesis N218E 2003 Naranut Karakhuen Effects of health education program on preoperative anxiety among abdominal surgical patients >>Abstract<<
Thesis N283O 2003 Nattida Yuwanitchayakhul Opinions of providers and customers toward risk in Anesthesia, Maharaj Nakhon Si Thammarat Hospital >>Abstract<<
Thesis N576A 2003 Nguyen Thi To Uyen Assessment of overweight and obesity in primary school children in Thainguyen City, Vietnam >>Abstract<<
Thesis N576U 2003 Nguyen Lan Huong Utilization of contraceptives among married women of childbearing age in Tuandao Commune, Sondong Distric, Bacgiang Province, Vietnam in 2004 >>Abstract<<
Thesis N717C 2003 Ninyada Rongdech Cervical cancer screening and related factors in Naikuan sub-district, Yantakhao district, Trang province >>Abstract<<
Thesis N719S 2003 Nipon Jirasaksuwon SWOT analysis towards the readiness of being health-promoting hospital of Phnas Nikhom Hospital >>Abstract<<
Thesis P152H 2003 Pakorn Thongwilai Health center development by staffing health centers with registered nurses : a case study of Phra Nakorn Si Ayutthaya province
Thesis P143U 2003 Pailin Kangarat The utilization of health care services under universal coverage scheme (30 Baht), Phatthalung province, Thailand, during 2003 >>Abstract<<
Thesis P237E 2003 Pattinee Suanprasert Establish a neighborhood clinic to increase access to basic health services for Myanmar migrant factory workers in Mae Sot District, Tak Province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis R236A 2003 Ratikorn Buakaew Assessing functional abilities among elderly in Ao Nang Krabi Province >>Abstract<<
Thesis S717E 2003 Chea Sothy Effects of interventions to reduce risk of sexually transmitted diseases in female commercial sex workers in Sihanoukville, Cambodia >>Abstract<<
Thesis S942P 2003 Sucheep Naranon Preventive and control behaviors against dengue [haemorrhagic] fever among primary school children in Chulaporn District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province >>Abstract<<
Thesis T532K 2003 Myint Thu Knowledge, attitude and practices regarding prevention of HIV/AIDS transmission in Myanmar migrant factory workers in Mahachai district, Samut Sakorn province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis T555C 2003 Tichakorn Thahanthai Customers' satisfaction toward service at Kantang Hospital, Kantang district, Trang province >>Abstract<<
Thesis T882E 2003 Pandup Tshering Evaluation of community based education for women of reproductive age group in Paro district, Bhutan >>Abstract<<
Thesis W834A 2003 Wiwat Wiriyakijja Assessing to drug addiction treatment using balanced scorecard in Rayong Provincial Health Office >>Abstract<<
Thesis W973P 2003 Wuthipan Subhachaturas Perception of deferred blood donors about service processes encountered at the Nation Blood Center, Red Cross Society, Thailand 2004 >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis S943T 2002 Sudarat Sittisombut The effectiveness of advance directive for terminal care in terminally ill patients in Chiang Mai University Hospital >>Abstract<<
PHD Thesis V217A 2002 Marc Van der Putten Assessing the relevance of postgraduate public health education to public health practice : a case study in Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis B942T 2002 Bunyat Suriyachai The study on the causes of death of people in Maejai district, Phayao province >>Abstract<<
Thesis B976I 2002 Busakorn Phongchawalit Improving the quality of pre-operative nursing care in the operating room through participatory action research at the community hospital Chon Buri >>Abstract<<
Thesis C497F 2002 Madhav Prasad Chaulagain Factors related to the utilization of antenatal care among mothers delivered at the regional health promotion centre 1, Bangkok, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis J95P 2002 Jureerat Saipaeng Participatory infection control system development of Dok Khamtai Hospital, Phayao province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis N968E 2002 Nukul Ploybutr The effectiveness of a pulmonary renabilitation program in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) >>Abstract<<
Thesis O63A 2002 Orapin Chaipayom An intervention to improve self-care practices for patients with hypertension in Pasak sub-district, Chiang Rai province : a proposal and reliability test of questionaire >>Abstract<<
Thesis P297E 2002 Pathomporn Chantraklum Evaluation of type 2 diabets mellitus prevention and control program in Muang Municipality, Phayao province >>Abstract<<
Thesis P787P 2002 Pornpimol Palurtchaivong Prevention of type 2 diabetes for high risk group Tambol Railugthong Phanat Nikhom district Chonburi province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis P965Q 2002 Pornladda Boonjun Quality of service and customer satisfaction towards health care services at the medical outpatient department (OPD MED), Bamrasnaradura institute, 2003 >>Abstract<<
Thesis R579T 2002 Sonam Rinchen The 30-Baht Scheme : utilization of the gold card and the patient satisfaction at the Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Bangkok >>Abstract<<
Thesis S245E 2002 Sarika Pattanasin Evaluation of parasite Lactate Dehydrogenase (pLDH) Assay (Optimal-it) for detection of malaria on Thai-Burmese border >>Abstract<<
Thesis S942P 2002 Suchada Sriputtha Participatory learning : a strategy for improving knowledge, attitude and practice on sexual transmitted diseases in women and their spouses in the family planning clinic, Phuwiang Hospital, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis S959R 2002 N. Nurlina Supartimi Relationship between anemia in pregnancy and postpartum hemorrhage : a case study at Uthai Thani Hospital Uthai Thani Province - Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis S966A 2002 Sutthiluck Buanong Assessment of monk health volunteers performance toward primary health care activities in Nakhon Ratchasima province >>Abstract<<
Thesis S966F 2002 Suthat Chottanapund Factors affecting practice of universal precautions in Bamrasnaradura Institute >>Abstract<<
Thesis T234K 2002 Taweesak Faichid Knowledge, attitude and practice regarding liver fluke infestatia in Hill tribe community : a study at Ban Tonpeung, Tumbol Romyen, Chiang Knam distrct, Phayao province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis W253C 2002 Warasin Padmala Child health (under 5 year old) information system development for holistic health care in health center Dok Kam Tai District Phoyao province >>Abstract<<
Thesis W872O 2002 Wonapha Veraanuntavat Organization climate before and after implementing the hospital accreditation program in Sena hospital, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province >>Abstract<<
Thesis Z39A 2002 Maw Maw Zaw Assessment of knowledge, attitudes and risk behaviors regarding HIV/AIDS among Myanmar migrant workers in Bangkok, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis A526E 2001 Amporn Radomsutlhisal Evaluation of the postpartum educational services in Sena Hospital, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province >>Abstract<<
Thesis B724P 2001 Boonlerd Pimsak Potential evaluation and development of community public health self-reliance : case study of Ban Nonglup, Moo 2 Napho tambon, Muang district, Roi-et province >>Abstract<<
Thesis C454E 2001 Chanida Liangthorachon Enhancing capacities of people living with HIV volunteers in providing home based care to people living with AIDS in Chon Buri Province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis C559H 2001 Chu Van Tien HIV prevention partner counseling and testing in Quane Ninh, Hai Phong and Hai Duong northern provinces, Vietnam >>Abstract<<
Thesis H428I 2001 Kaori Hazama Incidence of Tuberculosis and associated factors among HIV-infected persons registered for isoniazid preventive therapy in Chiang Rai, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis J37C 2001 Jaruwan Abella Curriculum development to improve critical thinking in nursing students at Boromarajonani College of nursing Suphanburi province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis J513C 2001 Jeerasak Thipsoonthornchai A comparative study on cost-effectiveness between resin and glass-ionomer used as pit and fissure sealant in mobile dental service for school children at Municipality school, Buriram province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis J79E 2001 Jongdee Piromchai Evalution of the health card fund allocation project for health centers : case study in Num Phong district, Khon Kaen >>Abstract<<
Thesis J94P 2001 Julpan Suwan Participatory rural appraisal approach for managing and solving diarrhea in Nong village, Roi-et province >>Abstract<<
Thesis H149S 2001 Hai Minh Tran A strategy for improving sanitation program in sub-district Namson, Socson in Nortnern Vietnam >>Abstract<<
Thesis K45S 2001 Sok Khim Situation analysis of laboratory supply system : the influence of key actors in Cambodian health care system >>Abstract<<
Thesis L154P 2001 Laddawan Promphuk Participatory learning : a training program for increasing cervical cancer screening >>Abstract<<
Thesis L186A 2001 Hay Lain Assessing factors and their relationships affecting acute respiratory infection in children under five at the National Pediatric Hospital, Phnom Penh, Cambodia >>Abstract<<
Thesis M245H 2001 Malee Kerdpun Home visits existing DOTS : a strategy to imcrease the cure rate among Tuberculosis patients in Zonal Tuberculosis Center 3, Chonburi >>Abstract<<
Thesis N576A 2001 Nguyen Phuoc Thinh Assessing accessibility to primary care for households in the urban area of Danang City in Vietnam >>Abstract<<
Thesis N576N 2001 Nguyen Thi Phuong Lan Nutrition education program : a control trial intervention to improve knowledge and practice of mothers about giving dietary intake to children at the age of weaning period in Donghy District, Vietham >>Abstract<<
Thesis N716B 2001 Nanta Srikam Behavior change of pesticides use : a participatory appoach : a case study in Trakanphutphon district Unbonratchathani province >>Abstract<<
Thesis N735P 2001 Nives Pujjusamai The participatory monitoring and evaluation of occupational health services in a community hospital in an industrial area : a case study of Ban-Chang hospital, Rayong province >>Abstract<<
Thesis O63D 2001 Oranud Suwansri Developing an action plan for development of information system according to Thailand International Public sector standard management system and outcomes Roi-et provincial public health office >>Abstract<<
Thesis P198F 2001 Pantong Junsawang Family health leader training for promoting self health care of the elderly : case study in Kham Khuan Kaeo District, Yasothon Province >>Abstract<<
Thesis P416L 2001 Penprakai Sroikham Living with hypertention through a participatory learning process : self-care development model of patients with essential hypertension >>Abstract<<
Thesis P678B 2001 Pissamai Rattanadte Behavior in diabetes melitus patient at Saimoon Hospital a case study in Saimoon district Yasothon province >>Abstract<<
Thesis P694I 2001 Piyatida Poomphatanapricha Improving quality of out patient services in pharmacy department, Banprak hospital >>Abstract<<
Thesis P897T 2001 Prakongluke Jaklang A training project for family healthcare leaders on social support provision for non-insulin dependent diabetic patient care in Khaonoi Sub-District, Phuwiang district, Khon Kaen province >>Abstract<<
Thesis P967A 2001 Piyathida Sriruksa Assessing quality of life of the eldery people in Khon Kaen province >>Abstract<<
Thesis P911V 2001 Prasit Maneesom Village leaders training program to improve knowledge and attitude toward people with HIV/AIDS : a case study in Nong Phok district Roi-et province >>Abstract<<
Thesis R894E 2001 Ruangsiri Mahapun Effect of osteoporosis education program in young women >>Abstract<<
Thesis R942D 2001 Rungtiwa Panichsuko Developing strategic plan for improving the expected capacity of health personnel in planning sector Chon Buri public health office >>Abstract<<
Thesis R942I 2001 Rungphet Saengthong Implementation of continuous quality improvement (CQI) process to minimize the risk on medication errors in the impatient department, Bangkok Hospital >>Abstract<<
Thesis S158C 2001 Saiyud Moolphate Comparison of cost-effectiveness between 9 month isoniazid and 2 month rifampicin plus pyrazinamide for prevention to active tuberculosis among people living with HIV Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis S166G 2001 Salisa Gelissen Education of women as a strategy in the control of dengue fever in Surin >>Abstract<<
Thesis S583C 2001 Salintip Suwan The community study model development for first year medical students of the collaborative project to increase production of rural doctor (CPIRD) >>Abstract<<
Thesis S959F 2001 Supayon Chomputawat Face to face education for village health volunteers on directly observed treatment short-course (DOTS) in new smear positive pulmonary tuberculosis patients >>Abstract<<
Thesis S967C 2001 Suwairin Srichai Community health development through strengthenning health partnerships, a pilot study in Kieng Sub-district, Muang districk Maha Sarakham, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis T535E 2001 Thunyanunt Oupara The effect of group process on self care behavior in poorly controlled blood sugar level of non-insulin dependent diabetes in Patiu Hospital >>Abstract<<
Thesis U84P 2001 Usanee Kritsanavarin Persuasive campaign to reduce aedes mosquito larvae for preventing dengue haemorrhagic fever in Thai Yai village, Ratchaburi province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis U825A 2001 Utoompron Sittisingh An action research to control and prevent iron deficiency anemia in momen of reproductive age in a factory in Chachoengsao province >>Abstract<<
Thesis W246A 2001 Dorji Wongchuk An action research to increase assisted delivered by midwifery trained personal through reorientation and continuous quality improvement of antenatal care services in Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, National Referal Hospital, Thimphu, Bhutan >>Abstract<<
Thesis Y55D 2001 Yongchai Toomjeen Developing quality of health services : a case study in Meunghong Health Center, Chaturaphalephiman district, Roi-et province >>Abstract<<
Thesis A658T 2000 Aree Moungsookjareoun Training traditional birth attendants as health educators a strategy for malaria control in pregnant women, in O'smarch village, Cambodia >>Abstract<<
Thesis B784E 2000 Benjamas Khumgaliang The establishment of a self-help clinic for HIV positive mothers in Bamrasnaradura hospital >>Abstract<<
Thesis D217P 2000 Dares Chusri Participatory learning : a strategy to improve knowledge, attitude and practice in tuberculosis prevention and care among HIV self-help group in Bangkok >>Abstract<<
Thesis H241I 2000 Hoang Duc Hanh Improving physicians' rational use of antibiotics in children under 5 years old with acute respiratory infection (ARI) through face-to-face education and implementation of standard treatement guideline in Ba Vi district hospital Vietnam >>Abstract<<
Thesis P397P 2000 Tenzin Penjor A participatory problem solving approach to increase willingness among doctors and nurses to manage HIV/AIDS patients at the national reterral hospital Thimphu, Bhutan >>Abstract<<
Thesis P73P 2000 Prachumporn Kaweekorn Process evaluation of implementation in a accorance with the model for diabetes mellitus prevention and control in Yasothon province >>Abstract<<
Thesis P984I 2000 Punnarasri Jariyanuwat Improving drug use in Health centers, Muang district, Kanchanaburi province, Thailand >>Abstract<<
Thesis S525I 2000 Krishna Man Shakya Increasing accessibility to directly observed treatment short-course (DOTS) through a decentralized and community based tuberculosis control program in Ashrang healthpost area of Lalitpur district, Napal >>Abstract<<
Thesis S93D 2000 Suchada Junsawang Development of strategic planning in the emergency room of Kumkhaunkaeo hospital to meet the hospital accreditation standard >>Abstract<<
Thesis S948P 2000 Sukanya Uengtrakul Pilot project managing summary discharge system in IPD at Rol-et hospital >>Abstract<<
Thesis S96D 2000 Sunanta Wongchalee The Development of computer aided instruction (CAI) on CD-ROMs for learning at the workplace program : the college of public health, Chulalongkorn University >>Abstract<<
Thesis S825S 2000 Supanee Asawanant Strengthening health staff through health educztion program for improving home management for cerebal palsy children >>Abstract<<
Thesis T52A 2000 Le Chi Thanh Action research to expand school health insurance coverage for schoolchildren by improving knowledge of their parents VIA schoolchildren's parents association in dong Thai commune, Vietnam >>Abstract<<
Thesis T883A 2000 Le Van Tuan An action research on improving knowledge, attitude and practice of mothers in home care for acute diarrhoea in children under five years of age through a health education programme in Thien Tri Village, Vietnam >>Abstract<<
Thesis W253P 2000 Waraluk Tangkanakul The Prevalence and risk ratio of patients suspected of having leptospirosis >>Abstract<<
Thesis D213E 1999 Daranee Boonyapaisarncharoen The effects of education based on home health care aiming at improving self care knowledge, attitude towards decision-making and practice in poorly controlled blood glucose level of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus >>Abstract<<
Thesis K16T 1999 Ram Prasad Kandel Training and empowerment for pseudophakic motivator : a strategy to increase demand for cataract surgery >>Abstract<<
Thesis K98P 1999 Kwanreun Watana Participatory action research (PAR) : an intervention in diarrhea education program to sustain requirred behaviors for acute diarrhea prevention muang district, Chonburi >>Abstract<<
Thesis N576D 1999 Ngamnate Rattanachotparnich Developing strategic plan for improving health personnel academic development in Chonburi >>Abstract<<
Thesis P536I 1999 So Phat An Intervention to reduce unsafe sexual behavior leading to high prevalence of HIV/STD infection among the commercial sex workers through peer education appoach in Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh, Cambodia >>Abstract<<
Thesis T367S 1999 Thanin Asawavichienjinda Strengthening of the public health care system to improve epilepsy treatment in Nakhonratchasima province, Thailand : an integrative approach >>Abstract<<
Thesis T623C 1999 Suresh Kumar Tiwari Child advocacy : an approach to address the "worst form"of street child labour and it's adverse affects in Kathmandu, Nepal >>Abstract<<
Thesis Z39M 1999 Tanvir Ahmad Zaver Men targeting men in Pakistan family planning program : a behavior change strategy >>Abstract<<
Thesis C236R 1998 Therese M. Caouette Recognizing the impact of migration on reproductive health in Myanmar >>Abstract<<
Thesis C426A 1998 Chap Seak Chhay An action research study on improvement of laboratory services in baaray-santuk referral hospital baaray-santuk operational district Kampong Thom province Cambodia >>Abstract<<
Thesis D129F 1998 Sanjay Kumar Dahal Female community health volunteer training : a strategy to improve the case management of a cute respiratory infection in under 5 children in Nepal >>Abstract<<
Thesis I82I 1998 Arkanul Islam Introducing standard treatment schedule through face-to-face education : a way to improve prescribing practices at brac health centers >>Abstract<<
Thesis K19I 1998 Kathaporn Kampis Improvement of service quality through action research of an off-hour clinic at Chulalongkorn Hospital >>Abstract<<
Thesis K45D 1998 Khamphithoune Somsamouth Developing information, education and communication strategies for the promotion of the use of insecticide treated bed nets for malaria prevention in Laos >>Abstract<<
Thesis K79S 1998 Pawan Koirala Social marketing : a multidisciplinary approach to improve low usage of oral rehydration therapy and continued feeding practices in Laharepauwa village, Rasuwa District, Nepal >>Abstract<<
Thesis K99C 1998 Win Kyaw Continuing education to improve quality of care i the management of childhood acute diarrhea provided by private physicians >>Abstract<<
Thesis L926S 1998 Thet Lwin School-based HIV-AIDS peer education program in school youths in Myanmar >>Abstract<<
Thesis M995T 1998 Than Zaw Myint Task-based learning with early community exposure : an education program to improve community orientation of medical students in Myanmar >>Abstract<<
Thesis N316A 1998 Iv Ek Navapol Assessing the willingness of rural population to join a community financing scheme in Prasat, Krava and Treal of Baray-Santauk operational district, Cambodia >>Abstract<<
Thesis P189N 1998 Nira Pandey Nutrition training : an intervention to increase the knowledge and practice of female community health volunteer negarding the prevention of iron deficincy anemia during pregnancy in Nawal Paraj District Nepal >>Abstract<<
Thesis P323SQ 1998 Krishna Paudel Qualitative descriptive participatory action research to improve antenatal care utilization at Lumbini Village, Nepal : change and empower the mothers through you-me educational group discussion >>Abstract<<
Thesis P341E 1998 Pawadee Kucita The effects of group process health education on knowledge, skills, anxiety and depression in adopting healthy life-styles among pregnant women with HIV/AIDS at Nopparat Rajathani hospital, Bangkok >>Abstract<<
Thesis P872R 1998 Prabhu Raj Poudyal A radio program to reduce air pollution in Kathmandu : a health promotion strategy targeting the taxi drivers and taxi owners >>Abstract<<
Thesis P995O 1998 Navin Kumar Pyaluryal Outreach for HIV prevention Counseling : an intervention to reduce unsafe sexual behaviors among transport workers in Nepal >>Abstract<<
Thesis S527D 1998 Shakuntala Shakya Detection of high-risk pregnancies using home-based prenatal record through the traditional birth attendants : an intervention to increase antenatal coverage in Nepal >>Abstract<<
Thesis A234T 1997 Dilli Raman adhikari The Teachers child to parents approach : an intervention to improve iodised salt consumption practices for reducing iodine deficiency disorders in Nepal >>Abstract<<
Thesis A318H 1997 Raiful Alam Health education through religious leaders : an intervention to reduce tobacco smoking among age 15(+) in Nepal >>Abstract<<
Thesis K45C 1997 Badri Bahadur Khadka Counselling services for family planning clinents : a strategy to improve contraceptive use in Nepal >>Abstract<<
Thesis K11D 1997 Naresh Pratap K.C. Directly observed treatment,short-course(DOTS): a strategy to increase the cure rates among TB patlints in Nepal >>Abstract<<
Thesis K99A 1997 Aung Aung Kyi Amphetamine use and factors leading to amphetamine use among assumption university students in Bangkok >>Abstract<<
Thesis M678M 1997 Maha Nand Mishra Mobilization of community health workers for early dianosis and tratment of leismaniasis in Nepal >>Abstract<<
Thesis P578I 1997 Sonam Phuntsho Information, education and communication issues concerning fertility regulation in Bhutan >>Abstract<<
Thesis P761D 1997 Raj Kumar Pokharel Developing a community profile on socio-economic and human behavioral aspects for improved malaria control in Nepal >>Abstract<<
Thesis S561M 1997 Prem Kumar Shrestha Motor vehicle emissions : a major cause of lead poisoning among public school children of Kathmandu valley, Nepal >>Abstract<<
Thesis T364I 1997 Garib Das Thakur Increasing the immunization converage : an intervention through themobilization of maternal and child health workers in Nepal >>Abstract<<
Thesis T367E 1997 Karuna Thapa Emergency obsteric care : an intervention for reducing maternal mortality in Nepal >>Abstract<<
Thesis V227P 1997 Marc Vandenberghe Participatory action research as a tool to combat fatal delays in presenting children under five with pneumonia to a trained health worker >>Abstract<<
Thesis .Z29A 1997 Nado Zangpo An action research study on improvement of emergency medical services in Monggar Regional Referral Hospital, Monggar Bhutan >>Abstract<<
Thesis B468S 1996 Benjaporn Rajataramya A Study on competencies for MPH graduates of the Human Resource for Health Development Project, a collaboration project between MooPH and Chulalongkorn University >>Abstract<<
Thesis K45A 1996 Shamsher Ali Khan Acute respiratory infections in under five children : a study of knowledge and practices of mothers in urban communities, Dhaka >>Abstract<<
Thesis M614P 1996 Rita Meynen Palliative care : how can the health system answer the need? >>Abstract<<
Thesis N157P 1996 Win Naing Prioritization of diseases by premature mortality cases in Mynamar >>Abstract<<
Thesis P192E 1996 Panida Tienchantuk An Evaluation of housewives group leaders training program on HIV/AIDS education in Klong Toey Community >>Abstract<<
Thesis P899P 1996 Praphawal Prapaitrakul Possibility assessment : operating room nursing curriculum development at Rajavithi Hospital >>Abstract<<
Thesis P993P 1996 Marc Van der Putten Participatory problem solving approaches in rural health development >>Abstract<<
Thesis S619E 1996 Siriwan Pitayarangsarit Evaluation of dental caries prevention in preschool children >>Abstract<<
Thesis S955B 1996 Sumitra Hanphasuphong BMA Health Officers as Food Inspectors evaluation of a training program >>Abstract<<
Thesis T882A 1996 Gado Tshering An action research to improve health care services in JDW National Referral hospital >>Abstract<<


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