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  WHO Report | Global Tuberculosis Control:  

  UNDP | Human Development Report:  

  UNICEF | The State of the World's Children:  
  Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) | Thailand Health Profile:  
  WHO | World Health Report:  
  WHO | World Health Statistics:  
  World Bank | World Development Report:  

  Commission on Macroeconomics and Health (CMH)
  Papers: Working Paper Series
  Working Group 1 - Health, Economic Growth, and Poverty Reduction
  Health, Economic Growth, and Poverty Reduction - Summary
  HIV-AIDS in the Caribbean: Economic Issues-Impact and Investment Response
  Modeling the Effects of Health Status and the Educational Infrastructure on the Cognitive Development of Tanzanian School Children
  Health, Inequality, and Economic Development
  Cross-Country Variation in Mortality Decline, 1962-87: The Role of Country-Specific Technical Progress
  Poverty and Health
  Mental Illness and the Labor Market in Developing Nations
  Health, Nutrition, and Economic Prosperity: A Microeconomic Perspective
  Health, Human Capital, and Economic Growth
  Health, Longevity, and Life-Cycle Savings
  The Economic Burden of Malaria
  The Effects of Early Nutritional Intervention on Human Capital Formation
  Responding to the Burden of Mental Illness
  The Effect of the AIDS Epidemic on Economic Welfare in Sub-Saharan Africa
  Nutrition, Health, and Economic Development: Some Policy Priorities
  AIDS and Economics
  Working Group 2 - International Public Goods for Health
  Global Public Goods for Health - Summary
  A Conceptual Framework for Understanding Global and Transnational Goods for Health
  International Collaboration in Health Research
  Scientific Capacity Building To Improve Population Health: Knowledge As A Global Public Good
  Ethics in International Health Research: A Perspective from the Developing World
  A Culture of Ethical Conduct in Research: The Proper Goal of Capacity Building in International Research Ethics
  The Role of Intellectual Property and Licensing in Promoting Research in International Health: Perspectives from a Public Sector Biomedical Research Agency
  Public Policies to Stimulate the Development of Vaccines and Drugs for the Neglected Diseases
  Orphan Drug Laws in Europe and the US: Incentives for the Research and Development of Medicines for the Diseases of Poverty
  Differential Pricing for Pharmaceuticals: Reconciling Access, R&D, and Intellectual Property
  A Patent Proposal for Global Diseases
  TRIPS and R&D Incentives in the Pharmaceutical Sector
  Patents in Genomics and Basic Research: Issues for Global Health
  International Scientific Cooperation: Considerations from Previous Efforts
  The Epidemiological Basis of Communicable Disease Control in Relation to Global Public Goods for Health
  Preventing the Cross-Border Spread of Communicable Disease
  Global Responses to the Growing Threat of Antimicrobial Resistance
  International Law and Global Infectious Disease Control
  The Evolving Role of the International Agencies in Supplying and Financing Global Public Goods for Health
  Public private partnerships to Promote R&D Activity
  Innovative Financing of Global Public Goods for Health
  Working Group 3 - Mobilization of Domestic Resources for Health
  Mobilization of Domestic Resources for Health - Summary
  Health Insurance for the Informal Sector in Africa: Design Features, Risk Protection, and Resource Mobilization
  Financing Health Systems through Efficiency Gains
  A Summary Description of Health Financing in WHO Member States
  A Synthesis Report on the Role of Communities in Resource Mobilization and Risk Sharing
  The Debt Relief Initiative and Public Health Spending in Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPCs)
  Mobilizing Resources for Health: The Case for User Fees Revisited
  Unmet Health Needs of Two Billion: Is Community Financing a Solution?
  A Strategic Framework in Mobilizing Domestic Resources for Health
  Community Involvement in Health Care Financing: Impact, Strengths and Weaknesses: a Survey of the Literature
  Social Inclusion and Financial Protection Through Community Financing: Initial Results from Five Households Surveys
  The Impact of the Degree of Risk-Sharing in Health Financing on Health System Attainment
  The Global Expenditure Gap: Securing Financial Protection and Access to Health Care for the Poor
  Mobilizing Additional Domestic Resources for Health through Taxation
  Working Group 4 - Health and the International Economy
  Health and the International Economy - Summary
  Post-Trips Options for Access to Patented Medicines in Developing Countries
  Differentiated Pricing of Patented Products
  Consumption and Trade in Off-Patented Medicines
  Protection of Traditional Medicine
  Trade in Health Services
  Trade Liberalization in Health Insurance: Opportunities and Challenges: The Potential Impact of Introducing or Expanding the Availability of Private Health Insurance within Low and Middle Income Countries
  GATS and Trade in Health Insurance Services
  Confronting the Tobacco Epidemic in an Era of Trade Liberalization
  Trade Barriers and Prices of Essential Health-Sector Inputs
  Globalisation and Health: A Framework for Analysis and Action
  Globalizing Health Benefits for Developing Countries (updated version from: Globalization and Health: A Survey of Opportunities and Risks for the Poor in Developing Countries)
  Working Group 5 - Improving Health Outcomes of the Poor
  Improving Health Outcomes of the Poor - Summary
  Avoidable Mortality in India
  The Evidence Base for Interventions to Prevent HIV Infection in Low and Middle-Income Countries
  Modelling the HIV/AIDS Epidemics in India and Botswana: The Effect of Interventions
  The Evidence Base for Interventions to Reduce Maternal and Neonatal Mortality in Low and Middle-Income Countries
  The Evidence Base for Interventions to Reduce Malaria Mortality in Low and Middle-Income Countries
  The Evidence Base for Reducing Mortality from Smoking in Low and Middle-Income Countries
  Interventions to Reduce Tuberculosis Mortality and Transmission in Low and Middle-Income Countries: Effectiveness, Cost-Effectiveness, and Constraints to Scaling Up
  The Evidence Base for Interventions to Reduce Under Five Mortality in Low and Middle-Income Countries
  The Evidence Base for Interventions to Reduce Mortality from Vaccine-Preventable Diseases in Low and Middle-Income Countries
  The Evidence Base for Interventions to Reduce Malnutrition in Children Under Five and School-age Children in Low and Middle-Income Countries
  Addressing the Impact of Household Energy and Indoor Air Pollution on the Health of the Poor - Implications for Policy Action and Intervention Measures
  Constraints to Scaling Up Health Interventions: A Conceptual Framework and Empirical Analysis
  Approaches to Overcoming Health Systems Constraints at the Peripheral Level: A Review of the Evidence
  Constraints to Scaling Up Health Interventions: Country Case Study: India
  Constraints to Scaling Up Health Interventions: Country Case Study: Tanzania
  Constraints to Scaling Up Health Interventions: Country Case Study: Chad
  Costs of Scaling Up Priority Health Interventions in Low-Income and Selected Middle-Income Countries: Methodology and Estimates
  Study on Costs of Scaling Up Health Interventions for the Poor in Latin American Settings: final report
  Indirect Estimates of Avoidable Mortality in Low Income and Middle-Income Countries
  Note on Health Impact of Water Sanitation and Services
  Constraints to the Scale-Up of Priority Interventions: Factoring in Quality of Governance and Policy Framework
  HIV/AIDS Control in India - Lessons Learned from Tamil Nadu
  Preliminary Estimates of the Cost of Expanding TB, Malaria and HIV/AIDS Activities for Sub-Saharan Africa
  The Evidence Base of Interventions in the Care and Management of AIDS In Low And Middle-Income Countries
  Working Group 6 - Development Assistance and Health
  International Development Assistance and Health - Summary
  Development Assistance for Health (DAH): Average Commitments 1997-1999
  Perspectives on Improving Health in Poor Countries: Qualitative Assessment of Multilateral Agency Views and Behavior
  Ideas Work Better Than Money in Generating Reform - But How? Assessing Efficiency of Swedish Development Assistance in Health to Vietnam
  Qualitative Assessment of Bilateral Agency Views and Behavior: Interviews with Non-Health Specialists
  Global Health Initiatives and National Level Health Programs: Assuring Compatibility and Mutual Re-enforcement
  Structural Adjustment and Health: A Literature Review of the Debate, Its Role-Players and Presented Empirical Evidence
  A Case Study on the European Commission's Contribution to Development Assistance and Health (DAH)
  Review of Externally Aided Projects in the Context of their Integration into the Health Service Delivery in Karnataka
  Notes on International Development Assistance in Health and its Effectiveness: The Interests of Recipient Countries
  Non Working Group Papers submitted to CMH
 Interim Report of the Chairman of the CMH, October 2000
 Recent Trends in Official Development Assistance to Health, September 2000
  Papers Relevant to CMH
 Activity Report of the Commission: January 2000 - October 2001
  Reports: CMH Meeting Reports
 1st CMH Meeting, Geneva, 16-18 January 2000
 2nd CMH Meeting, New Delhi, 14-17 April 2000
 3rd CMH Meeting, Paris, November 2000
 Special Meeting on “Priorities for Health Investments in Africa in the Context of Alternative Strategies for Poverty Reduction”, Bellagio, Italy, 12-16 February 2001
 4th CMH Meeting, Addis Ababa, 6-8 March 2001
 5th CMH Meeting, Mexico City, 11 June 2001
  Macroeconomic Conditions, Health Care Costs, and the Distribution of Health Insurance (2003) / Glied, S. & Jack, K.
  Investing in health : A Summary of the Findings of the Commission on Macroeconomics and Health / WHO

  Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)
  A vision for health system in the Americas (2000) / George A. O. Alleyne
  A roundtable discussion on international cooperation in health reform in the Americas (2000) / Pan Am J Public Health
  Applied research on decentralization of health systems in Latin America: Chile case study (2000) / Bossert T, Larrañagua O, Infante A, Beauvais J, Espinosa C.
  Comparative Analysis of Policy Processes: Enhancing the Political Feasibility of Health Reform (1999) / Alejandra González Rossetti & Thomas J. Bossert (Harvard School of Public Health)
  Decentralization of Health systems in Latin America (2000) / Bossert, T., Larrañaga, O.& Meir, F.R.
  Decentralization of Health Systems: Decisions Space, Innovation and Performance / Bossert, T. (Harvard University)
  Health Sector reforms in the Region of the Americas (2000) / Pan American Journal of Public Health
  Health Sector Reform, Financing, and the Poor (1999) / George A. O. Alleyne
  Policy Toolkit for strengthening Health Sector Reform
 Section 1 Introduction / Scribner, S. & Brinkerhoff, D.
 Section 2 Stakeholder Analysis Guidelines / Schmeer, K.
 Section 3 Advocacy Guidelines / Scribner, S. & O’Hanlon, B.
 Section 4 Conflict Negotiation Guidelines / Novak, K. & Hall, C.
 Section 5 Introduction to strategic management / Scribner, S.
  World Health Organization (WHO)
  Decentralization and health systems change: A Framework for analysis (1995)
  Decentralization of health services: Assignment Report 20 Aug - 17 Oct 2000 (2001) / Pokharel, B
  From reorganization, integration and decentralization towards strengthening district health system Nepal: Assignment Report 26 September - 16 October 1993 / Bryant, J.H.
  Towards and equity-oriented policy of decentralization in health systems under the conditions of turbulence: the case of Zambia (1997) / Kalumba, K.
  The Benchmark of Fairness for Health System Reform: A Tool for National and Provincial Health Department in Thailand / Supasit Pannarunothai & Samrit Srithamrongsawat
  The Dynamics of Policy Change: Lessons from Health Financing Health Reform in South Africa and Zambia (2000) / Gilson, L
  The Need for equity-oriented health sector reforms (2001) / Gwatkin, D.R.
  Pluralism and marketisation in the health sector: meeting health needs in contexts of social change in low and middle-income countries (2001) / Gerald Bloom, G & Standing, H., Institute of Development Studies (IDS)

 Theory at a glance: A Guide for Health For Health Promotion Practice (2nd ed., 2005) / National institute of Health
 การจัดตั้งองค์กรระดับชาติเพื่อการส่งเสริมสุขภาพในประเทศไทย (2541) / ประกิต วาทีสาธกกิจ, สถาบันวิจัยระบบสาธารณสุข
 ปริทัศน์การรณรงค์ส่งเสริมสุขภาพในสังคมไทย (2541) / วิวิธ วุฒิวีรวรรธน์, วราภรณ์ พันธุ์พงศ์ , สถาบันวิจัยระบบสาธารณสุข
 บทบาทประชาคมส่งเสริมสุขภาพ : นอกภาครัฐ (2541) / อนุวัฒน์ ศุภชุติกุล, เพ็ญจันทร์ ประดับมุข, ยุพา วงศ์ไชย, สถาบันวิจัยระบบสาธารณสุข
 นโยบายสาธารณะเพื่อสุขภาพ (2541) / วิฑูรย์ อึ้งประพันธ์ และคนอื่นๆ, สถาบันวิจัยระบบสาธารณสุข

   Progress on global access to HIV antiretroviral therapy a report on “3 by 5” and beyond, March 2006 / WHO, UNAIDS
   Progress on global access to HIV antiretroviral therapy : an update on «3 by 5» (2005) / WHO, UNAIDS
   Monitoring the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS : guidelines on construction of core indicators : 2008 reporting (2007) / UNAIDS
   A call to action Children the missing face of AIDS (2005) / UNAIDS, UNICEF
   Children on the Brink 2004 : A Joint Report of New Orphan Estimates and a Framework for Action (2004) / UNAIDS, UNICEF
   Antiretroviral therapy for HIV infection in adults and adolescents in resource-limited setting: towards universal access: recommemdations for a public health approach (2006 rev.) / WHO
   Antiretroviral therapy for HIV infection in adults and adolescents : recommendations for a public health approach (2006 rev.) / WHO
HIV/AIDS in Asia and the Pacific Region
(2001) / WHO
   New Data on the Prevention of Mother-to-Child- Transmission of HIV and their Policy Implications (2001) / WHO
   Fact Sheets on HIV/AIDS for Nurses and Midwives (2002) / WHO
   HIV/AIDS Profile:Thailand (2000) / UNAIDS
   Health Profile: Thailand: HIV/AID (2006) / UNAIDS
   Table of country-specific HIV/AIDS estimates and data, end 2003 (2004) / WHO, UNAIDS
   AIDS epidemic update (2007) / WHO, UNAIDS

   National AIDS Control Programme

 National Baseline General Population behavioural Surveillance Survey (2001)
 National Baseline General Population Behacioural Surveillance Survey 2001: Report (2001) / NACO
 National Baseline High Risk and Bridge Population-Behavioral Surveillance Survey, 2001: Report - Part 1: Female Sex Workers and their Clients (2001) / NACO | Executive Summary & Key Indicators
 National Baseline High Risk and Bridge Population-Behavioral Surveillance Survey, 2002: Report - Part 2: Men who have Sex with Men and Injecting Drug Users (2002) / NACO | Executive Summary & Key Indicators
 Handbook of Indicators for Monitoring National AIDS Control Programme - II (2002) / NACO
   Toolkit for HIV prevention among mobile population in the Greater Mekong Subregion (2000) / Asain Development Bank & UNDP

  Cooperation for Health Development : The World Health Organization's support to programmes at country level
 The World Health Organization's support to programmes at country level (1997) / Lucas, A.,...,et al.
 Country Case Studies: The South East Asian Region (1997) / Lucas, A. et al.
 Summary (1997)



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